Extreme measures to quickly lose weight are not advisable

Extreme measures to quickly lose weight are not advisable

March 4th is “World Obesity Day”. At present, obesity has become a serious public health problem worldwide, threatening the health of many people. In Shanghai, after the Spring Festival holiday, the number of people visiting hospitals for consultation on weight loss increased significantly.

During an interview at the Endocrinology and Metabolism Center of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, a CCTV reporter found that there were many patients waiting in line here early in the morning. It is understood that as early as five or six years ago, a specialized clinic for obesity and metabolic disorders was opened here. Since November last year, the number of outpatient clinics for this specialized disease has been increased from once a week to four times a week. The number of patients here increased significantly after the Spring Festival.

25-year-old Xiao Qin is overweight. During the Chinese New Year, she and her sisters kept gathering and socializing, and she gained another five or six kilograms after the festival. Worried about diabetes, she came to the hospital for treatment.

The reporter learned at the outpatient clinic that there are many people like Xiao Qin who eat too much and move too little, and their weight has skyrocketed after the Spring Festival holiday. Many people have red lights on their health indicators.

A patient said: “I ate a lot of fruits, snacks, cakes, and juices during the Spring Festival in Hainan. It was too much. When I came back, I found that my blood sugar was too high.” In this regard, Shi Yongquan, chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, said: ” Obesity is not just a fat problem, it has turned diabetes into a critical emergency.”

In Shanghai, many hospitals have launched outpatient clinics related to weight loss, such as nutritional weight loss specialties, weight loss diabetes surgery, weight loss assisted pregnancy, etc. After the Spring Festival, the number of consultations in these clinics increased significantly.

Yu Haoyong, chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, said that the topic of obesity usually attracts more people, and the number of outpatient visits has indeed increased a lot recently, about 20% (year-on-year increase).

Expert: Extreme weight loss methods are not advisable

Obesity seriously harms health, but experts also remind that weight loss should not be rushed but must be gradual. Some one-sided or extreme weight loss methods are likely to be counterproductive.

After the Spring Festival, Ms. Lu found that she had gained a few pounds. She did not like to exercise and came to the hospital to consult whether she could lose weight by taking medicine. Experts told reporters that in outpatient clinics, we often encounter people like Ms. Lu who simply use drugs to lose weight. This idea is not advisable. In addition, there are some people who are eager to lose weight and try to use some extreme methods to quickly reduce their weight. Experts warn: This is likely to waste haste and even further damage health.

Director Yu Haoyong said: “Long-term reduction of carbohydrates can cause the reduction of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements, which can lead to nutritional imbalances. In addition, because this method is quite extreme, it is difficult to maintain it for a long time. Once you stop, you will return to normal. Diet, its rebound is also very fast.”

Director Shi Yongquan also expressed the same opinion: “It is definitely not possible to lose weight too quickly. Generally, we require a loss of 3% to 5% from the first to the second month. This is more reasonable and gradually reaches or approaches the standard. It’s more reasonable to lose weight and then maintain it.”

“Shut up and move your legs” Losing weight starts with changing your lifestyle

So, what is the right way to lose weight? In fact, there is no shortcut, it is nothing more than “shut up and move forward.” In Shanghai, some hospitals have opened “lifestyle” medicine clinics to help weight loss start from daily life.

Ms. Qiao from Shanghai suffers from various diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver due to long-term overweight. Now, by mastering simple and easy-to-learn movements, she can exercise at any time at home in order to gradually reduce her weight. In terms of diet, the doctor suggested to her not to go on a diet blindly, but to make a scientific combination of nutritional intake.

Ms. Qiao said: “Carbohydrates, protein, high-quality fats, and a lot of vegetables are all necessary for the human body and must be eaten, so the doctor’s combination is more reasonable.”

Director Yao Qiyuan concluded: “There is no secret to losing weight. Only by persisting for a long time can we reach the energy gap every day and the intake is always less than the consumption. Only then can obesity be reduced.”

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