Exhaustion: Why are we all so exhausted?

Exhaustion: Why are we all so exhausted?


I should, could, should – but it’s no longer possible: Many people are more stressed, irritable or simply exhausted than ever before. This is no coincidence and not just whining, says psychologist and therapist Nicole Plinz. Society is collectively tired because a lot of things are changing and causing fear: money worries, the threat from the right, wars, climate change. What still works and what can you rely on?

At the same time, today everyone seems to be responsible for themselves. That puts pressure. Who wants to fail because of their own life? Many people are now stressing themselves out with the things that are supposed to be relaxing: yoga, meditation, exercise. How do you manage to take good care of yourself without feeling like you’re constantly losing ground?

In a new episode of the talk format Do you feel the same way? from ZEIT ONLINE Nicole Plinz explains how to really take a break – even if it’s difficult in everyday life. Plinz is therapeutic director of the Center for Stress Medicine St. Georg and the day clinic for stress medicine at the Asklepios Klinikum Hamburg-Harburg. She treats people with exhaustion depression, burnout.

The psychologist knows when constant tiredness and exhaustion make you sick. She talks about strategies for more self-care and self-efficacy to get out of the feeling of “everything is too much for me.” And she explains why rest alone is often not enough and why it is sometimes better to consciously pull yourself together.

In talk format “Do you feel the same way?” we talk about mental health, what the psyche can withstand and what is good for it. About feelings and experiences that more people share than many people think. We ask psychologists, therapists, doctors and researchers for advice and support.


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