Equinox: Equal parts of spring colors and yin and yang

Equinox: Equal parts of spring colors and yin and yang

“Spring is half-way through the year, and the world is fragrant.” On March 20, in the soft and warm sunshine, we ushered in the fourth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms – the Spring Equinox. At this time of year, the spring river is warm, flowers are blooming, orioles are singing gracefully, and swallows are returning. A beautiful spring scene is about to unfold for us.

 Swallows return and flowers bloom

Every year around March 20, when the sun reaches 0 degrees ecliptic longitude, the vernal equinox arrives. The Spring Equinox was also called the “Sunday Equinox” and “Day and Night Equinox” in ancient times. “On the vernal equinox, yin and yang are in half phase, so day and night are even and the cold and heat are equal.” The word “fen” expresses two meanings of the vernal equinox: on the one hand, it refers to the equal division of day and night on this day; on the other hand, it refers to the equal equinox of spring. Therefore, the vernal equinox is a period of the year when yin and yang are balanced, day and night are equal, and cold and warm are equal.

There is a folk proverb: “Spring is neither warm nor hot, summer is not hot, autumn is neither cool, and winter is not cold.” This “two solstice” has become the standard solar term that best represents the characteristics of the four seasons. If the keywords of winter solstice and summer solstice are “extreme” and “most”, then the keywords of vernal and autumnal equinoxes are “even” and “equal”. During the spring and autumn equinoxes, the sun almost shines directly on the earth’s equator. Days and nights are almost equal in length in all parts of the world. There is no polar day or night phenomenon. Near the North Pole and South Pole, you can observe the special phenomenon of the sun spinning on the horizon all day long. After the Spring Equinox, the days get longer and the nights get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days get shorter and the nights get longer in the Southern Hemisphere. As the daylight hours increase, the temperature gradually rises. Most areas in our country have entered the fastest heating period of the year, and more and more areas are embracing spring.

There are three phases in the Spring Equinox: the first phase is when black birds arrive; the second phase is when thunder sounds; the third phase is when lightning begins. Blackbirds are swallows. In the eyes of the ancients, swallows “come at the spring equinox and leave at the autumnal equinox.” As the weather gets warmer, swallows fly back from the south to the north and begin to carry grass and mud in their mouths, build nests and breed; during the spring equinox, the south The first spring thunder has already sounded in most areas, and the first spring thunder has just begun to be heard in the Yellow River Basin. Lightning, a weather phenomenon caused by the violent collision of cold and warm air, cannot be seen until the third lunar equinox.

“The spring equinox is here, and all the flowers are blooming.” After the beginning of spring, rain and the awakening of insects, the north and south of the river are warm and warm, the spring breeze is blowing thousands of miles, and hundreds of flowers are blowing. The willows on the banks are green, the rapeseed flowers are fragrant, and the pink and white plums welcome the spring yellow. Although the weather is getting warmer at this time, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the cold and warm alternates repeatedly, and sometimes the temperature rises briefly, which can easily give people the illusion that “summer is coming.” Therefore, there has been a saying in our country since ancient times that “in the second and eighth months of the (lunar calendar), dress randomly”. The wind in this period also often showed two faces, sometimes “the willow wind blowing the face without coldness”, sometimes “the strong wind suddenly sweeping away thousands of flowers”, sometimes gentle like a pair of hands soothing people’s hearts, sometimes violent and merciless. There is a saying among the people that “the wind is strong during the Spring Equinox, so you should prevent pain and deep disturbance.” At this time, you should be careful to catch cold and prevent abdominal pain and diarrhea. You should adjust your clothes at any time according to the weather changes. Add appropriate clothes in the morning and evening, and keep your head and feet warm to prevent diseases. .

Bask your head and back to replenish your yang

The Spring Equinox is one of the “Four Seasons and Eight Festivals”, and its importance is beyond doubt. There are many customs accompanying it, one of which is very cute and interesting, that is “egg setting”.

“The sun, moon, yin and yang are both balanced in the sky, and black birds are not afraid of the cold peach blossoms. It has always been today that chickens are erected, and the good people in Kawakami fly kites.” China has had the tradition of setting eggs on the spring equinox since ancient times. Some people say that if the eggs can be erected on this day, it means that they will be born. Good luck will accompany you in the coming days. The method of egg-standing is simple, easy and fun: take a fresh egg, try it as many times as you can, and find a way to stand it up on the table, then you will be successful. According to historical records, this tradition originated 4,000 years ago. According to folklore, it is easiest to stand eggs on the vernal equinox. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. If you want to successfully stand an egg, the key is to master the balancing skills. I don’t know since when, this folk custom that originated in China has gone abroad and become popular all over the world. Some people have even applied for a Guinness World Record for this. On the vernal equinox, countless people around the world do the “egg-standing” experiment.

Some people are curious, why do all the eggs stand on the spring equinox? In the eyes of the ancients, “chicken” and “auspicious” are homophonic. Chickens are auspicious animals, and eggs represent auspicious gestation and birth. Therefore, setting eggs on the spring equinox not only contains people’s joy of celebrating spring, but also has the effect of retaining spring and preserving spring. Best wishes for life.

Why do eggs need to be raised on the spring equinox? There is a saying that the day and night on the vernal equinox are equal in length, which means balance. The purpose of setting eggs on this day is to remind people to pay attention to the balance of yin and yang and make the body healthier. “Huangdi Neijing” says that “nourishing yang in spring and summer, nourishing yin in autumn and winter”, health care should be carried out in accordance with the changes of the four seasons. As the saying goes, spring is born, summer grows, autumn harvests, and winter hides. Spring is the season for hair growth. Yang Qi gradually sprouts and grows. At this time, special attention should be paid to maintaining the Yang Qi in the body.

As the saying goes, “It’s better to bask in the spring sun than to take medicine.” The spring sun is mild and comfortable. Many elderly people like to sit and bask in the sun in parks and streets. Some fall asleep in the sun. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sunbathing is the simplest way to replenish Yang Qi in the body. It can not only warm the Yang Qi in the body and strengthen bones, but also improve immunity and relieve depression. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the focus of sunbathing is on the top of the head and back. The head is the “head of all yangs” and is the place where the yang energy of the whole body gathers. The Baihui point is located in the middle of the head and is where the hundreds of meridians converge. When basking in the sun, be careful to avoid the wind and let the sun shine above your head. It is best to bask in the midday sun, usually half an hour at a time. This will help unblock the meridians and regulate Yang Qi. There is a folk saying that “nourishing the back is nourishing the whole body.” Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the back is yang and the abdomen is yin. Sheltering from the wind and basking in the sun can warm the back and unblock the yang, dredge the meridians on the back, which is of great benefit to the heart and lungs and can replenish the body’s yang energy. effect. If the back is cold, wind-cold evils can easily invade through the meridians of the back, damaging the yang energy and causing illness. People who are old, weak or weak due to long-term illness are likely to relapse and aggravate the condition. Modern medicine has confirmed that there are a large number of immune cells under the skin of the human back. These immune cells can be activated by basking in the sun to achieve the purpose of dredging meridians, smoothing Qi and blood, harmonizing the internal organs, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

It’s better to take advantage of the east wind to fly the kite

During the spring equinox, it is popular among people to eat “spring vegetables”. Spring vegetables does not refer to a specific vegetable, but a general term for some green vegetables in spring, such as amaranth, Chinese toon, spring bamboo shoots, leeks, shepherd’s purse, etc. These seasonal vegetables are not only delicious and delicious, but also rich in nutritional value. People in the Qing Dynasty called picking and eating the young leaves of Toon in spring “eating spring”, which meant welcoming the new year. According to traditional Chinese medicine, toona is bitter in taste and cold in nature, and has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, strengthening the spleen and appetizing. There are many ways to eat toon, such as toon sprouts mixed with tofu and fried toon fish. In addition, many spring sprouts, such as garlic sprouts, bean sprouts, etc., can be eaten in spring to prevent common respiratory infections in spring.

“After eating the Spring Equinox rice, one line grows every day.” A netizen recalled the taste of the Spring Equinox in his childhood: “On the day of the Spring Equinox, there was a feast of spring vegetables at home. All kinds of wild vegetables growing on the edges of the fields and on the slopes would occupy the entire dining table that day. , or cold salad, or stir-fried, or kneaded with noodles, praying for strong health. Delicious wild vegetables are gifts from nature, blooming freshness in my taste buds. I chew wild vegetables, as if nature is between my mouth “When spring comes, all kinds of wild vegetables growing on the edges of fields, on slopes, and under trees are gifts from nature. People will accurately identify them, pick them skillfully, and put them into the kitchen and put them on the tip of their tongues.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the vernal equinox is mid-spring, when liver qi is strong. The diet should be “sparing acidity and increasing sweetness to nourish the spleen.” Appropriately choose pungent, sweet and warm foods, and avoid sour and astringent foods. Cooking soup can not only replenish the water the body needs during seasonal transitions, but also increase protein intake, which helps to enhance the body’s resistance. In addition, continuous rain in spring can easily cause dampness. You can eat ginger, onions, leeks, yam, potatoes, carp, crucian carp and other foods to dispel cold and dampness, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness.

“The grass grows and orioles fly in the February sky, and the willows blow on the embankments intoxicated by the spring smoke. Children return early from school and are busy taking advantage of the east wind to fly kites.” When the spring equinox arrives, the wind is gentle and the sun is beautiful, which is a good time to fly kites. The ancients believed that flying a kite can get rid of “bad luck” – write your name on the kite, fly the kite, and then cut it, and the “bad luck” will be taken away. In fact, flying kites also has certain disease prevention and rehabilitation effects. “Extended Natural History” records that when flying kites, “draw the thread upward and make the children open their mouths and look up, which can release internal heat.” During the long winter, people stay indoors for a long time, internal heat accumulates, and Qi and blood are stagnant. They are in urgent need of sufficient sunlight and fresh air to bathe and cleanse them to promote blood circulation throughout the body. When flying kites in the spring, people run back and forth on the soft soil, unwinding and retracting the strings, stretching their necks and looking far into the distance, looking up to the sky and seeing the kites in various shapes in the distance. It’s so beautiful! It can be seen that flying a kite can not only stretch your muscles and broaden your mind, but also help adjust your vision, eliminate eye muscle fatigue, and prevent myopia.

Spring has passed halfway, and the days are getting longer. Bathed in the warm spring light, let us let go of our beautiful mood and gain a healthy body.

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