Eight ways to heal emotionally

Eight ways to heal emotionally

Emotional healing can give you and others more care, American yoga instructor and meditation instructor, and best-selling author Sheriana Boyle introduced in the book “Turn Over: Pull out the Thorn in Your Heart” Eight methods to help you stabilize your breathing and emotions when you are collapsed, out of control, fragile, or in a bad state, so that you can feel empty and relaxed again.

1. Live in the moment

If you want a more comfortable life, you must first pay attention to your current performance. This means improving your ability to notice how your body feels and practicing controlling your emotions. Ask yourself: What is the purpose of my performance? You need to show a willingness to listen and respect. Improving your ability to notice the sensations in your body through pausing and breathing is a way to honor your inner feelings.

2. Do one thing at a time

Put your phone away, don’t text or check email, and focus on what’s going on. If necessary, let others know that you are at work and will not respond to messages for a certain period of time. The cool part is that you gain emotional energy from your presence, making you more productive.

3. Know where your pause button is

According to yoga theory, your pause button isn’t in your brain, it’s in your belly button. The area around your belly button is also known as your energy center. You can fully appreciate the importance of this area when you’ve been kicked in the stomach or caught a cold. When you feel overwhelmed or anxious, try pulling your belly button in toward your spine, like pressing the brake pedal. This will help create more space between your thoughts and help you regulate your breathing.

4. Use your imagination

Imagination can bring more comfort to your life. Imagine a sparkling water purifying the world while purifying itself. Imagine a beautiful tree with swaying branches, growing tall and strong after experiencing strong winds and rain. Imagine how dedicated and powerful Mother Earth is.

5. Do what you like

Hobbies can be a great source of enjoyment, from cycling to gardening, flower arranging, knitting, writing, reading, dancing or practicing yoga. During a period of emotional healing, I started taking dance classes. To enhance my sense of comfort, when life becomes mechanical, I make time to relax, spend time with friends, and allow myself to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

6. Organize, be organized

When you pass by a messy room, do you feel like your heart is full of congestion? Trapped emotions are like a brick wall. Ask yourself: “What clutter have I stored in my heart?” How can I continue to live easily and comfortably because of the resistance created by these clutter?

7. Eat mindfully

As you learn to digest your emotions more fluidly, your relationship with food will also change. It is recommended that you choose at least one meal a day to eat seriously, without distractions (watching TV, talking on the phone, etc.), chew your food slowly and savor their taste.

8. Cultivate a sense of ritual

Rituals are different from the norm. There are many things in daily life that we do every day, such as brushing our teeth and eating. And rituals can enhance our ability to connect with others. Writing down things you’re grateful for, making soup on Sunday, or leaving a note expressing your love is a ritual.

A sense of ritual will bring peace into your heart and home. A sense of ritual can be cultivated and can help us overcome a lot of negative energy.

I recommend creating a “letting go” ritual. Here are some of my favorite letting go rituals, pick the one that works best for you:

Listen to soothing music during your commute, while eating, or before going to bed.

Take a walk, let’s call it a “let go” walk.

Use your imagination. Imagine a strong wind blowing away all your fears and worries. Imagine you are smiling and breathing easily on a meadow, by a pond, or by the sea.

meditation. Sit in a comfortable, softly lit room and close your eyes. Observe your body and breath without judging. If you like, you can practice guided meditation or listen to soft, soothing music. Nature sounds can help you relax.

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