Ehpad. Two years after the scandal, Orpea changes its name to Emeis

Ehpad.  Two years after the scandal, Orpea changes its name to Emeis


The Orpea private nursing home group changed its name to Emeis to “mark a new stage in its refoundation”, two years after the scandal of the practices of its former management, its general director Laurent Guillot announced on Wednesday.

“The Orpea brand was very damagedit had become synonymous with scandals, it was important to change its name,” declared the director of the giant of retirement homes, private clinics and home help services which employs 76,000 people worldwide, including 28,000 in France.

The group saved from bankruptcy

The giant of private nursing homes was shaken by the publication in January 2022 of the investigative book by journalist Victor Castanet, who denounced mistreatment of residents, abusive use of public funds and shortcomings in the management of its personnel. Since then, the group and former leaders have been the subject of legal proceedings.

Heavily in debt, the group was saved from bankruptcy by Caisse des Dépôts, the armed arm of the State, which, with a consortium, took control in December 2023.

“Emeis – which means “we” in ancient Greek – well represents the refoundation project that we launched in November 2022: a collective project with our 76,000 employees, with our patients, our residents and all healthcare stakeholders. “, he added.

A “major challenge”

“We are facing a major challenge in terms of mental, physical and elderly health, and this collective “we” includes employees, patients, residents, their families and the healthcare system, because it is collectively that we can face this challenge of civilization,” said Laurent Guillot.

Emeis, which the group writes entirely in lowercase, also has a new logo, hands symbolizing the care professions. The group has reestablished social dialogue and signed a social agreement last summer providing for measures in favor of employees, a first in 15 years.


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