Doliprane, Beyfortus… Sanofi wants to be reassuring about the risk of drug shortages

Doliprane, Beyfortus… Sanofi wants to be reassuring about the risk of drug shortages

The president of the Sanofi group wants to be reassuring on drug shortages while health authorities were worried about this after numerous breakups during the winter of 2022-2023. Around “1% of the portfolio” of drugs produced by Sanofi is “currently out of stock,” said Audrey Derveloy, the president of Sanofi on RTL.

Today, “one box in six that comes out of pharmacists is a Sanofi product” and “there is 1% of this portfolio which is in a situation of shortage today”, she declared in adding that the group is working to prevent these shortages. “We work on it, it’s our job, you have to trust us too.”

However, she recognized that there could be “periods of tension” but “mechanisms exist, on which we are working with the health authorities”, she continued. “For example, we limit the stocks” of products in tension, in particular by limiting the number of boxes that each patient can buy or “we work with other laboratories to help them import alternative molecules into French territory”, said she detailed. When a patient cannot find their medication, “the pharmacist can call us and within 48 hours we are able to deliver,” she added.

There will be no problem “

Concerning Beyfortus, the preventive treatment against bronchiolitis for babies, currently reserved for maternity wards while waiting for new stocks, she recalled that there were “200,000 doses secured for France”. “We are working to have additional doses. I met the minister this week and I told him again that we should be able to exceed these 200,000 doses,” she said.

The manager also promised that there “will be no problem” regarding the availability of the Doliprane. “The factories run 24 hours a day, in Lisieux, in Compiègne, so let’s all be responsible. We don’t overstock,” she explains. She confirmed that Doliprane would continue to be produced in Lisieux (Normandy). “Not only will we continue to produce it but also, the 20 millions that we have invested on the site, it will make it possible to make 140 million additional boxes,” she said.

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