Does drinking water before meals help you lose weight?

Does drinking water before meals help you lose weight?


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The advice regarding water, often mentioned among the “tricks” useful for losing weight, is to drink before starting to enjoy a meal. But does it really work?

It’s a good idea start a meal with a glass of water (or more) when do you need to lose weight?

What happens in the stomach

The scientific evidence there are few in support of this practice and derive mainly from small and short-term studies (we talked about it HERE), this doesn’t mean that filling your stomach with a glass of water doesn’t help limit hunger.
«One of the possible causes of being overweight due to excess fat could be the tendency to exaggerate the portions of high-calorie foods – he explains Elena Dogliottinutritional biologist and scientific supervisor for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation -: the advice to drink a glass of water before starting to eat could take away some appetite to people who must follow a balanced low-calorie diet, but are used to eating too much and who may have difficulty following the recommended diet. The water sends signals to the pressure receptors inside the stomach, dilating it with his presence. Our brain will then receive a sense of satiety (even if for a short time). In an indirect way it could help you lose weight or prevent you from gaining weight”, adds Dogliotti.

Try with vegetables

«In fact the same thing, indeed with an additional advantage, could be obtained by eating before the vegetables with the same function: that of fill your stomach with a food category that should never be missing in the context of a healthy diet. The other advice is to try to slow down a little the rhythms of the meal: if we are used to eating very quickly, we may not even chew adequately. The mechanism has not yet been well clarified, but it seems that consuming quick meals and chew a little decreases satiety, increases concomitant caloric intake and influences the secretion of intestinal hormones”, concludes Dogliotti.

Water consumed before eating is therefore not a great strategy for losing weight, but, together with other small measures, it could make it easier to maintain right moderation in meals, which must also respond to all the other dictates of a healthy diet.
Furthermore, it is “the drink” par excellence and it would be advisable to consume it spread out throughout the day (HERE we answered the question: «How much water to drink a day»). Instead, alcohol or sugary drinks (even the light ones) are responsible for overweight and obesity and do not help if there is a need to lose weight.

March 13, 2024



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