Doctors’ practices: Practice staff called on strike on Thursday

Doctors’ practices: Practice staff called on strike on Thursday

The Association of Medical Professionals (vmf) has one for Thursday strike of the staff in doctor’s practices announced. The association called on around 330,000 medical assistants and physician assistants nationwide to take part in the strike, as the AFP news agency reported. This can lead to longer waiting times and individual practice closures.

The federal chairwoman of the Association of General Practitioners, Nicola Buhlinger-Göpfarth, recommended that patients should, if possible, contact their family doctor’s practice in advance to find out about the situation and, if necessary, reschedule their appointment. However, acute care is guaranteed.

At the start of collective bargaining in November, the vmf called for a salary increase of an average of 14.6 percent – regardless of the professional year and activity groups. According to the information, the employer side offers an average increase of 5.5 percent.

Chairwoman of the General Practitioners Association: Strike “only understandable”

“Through their tireless efforts, they not only keep our practices running, they also play an increasingly central role in patient care,” said Buhlinger-Göpfarth. It is therefore “only understandable” if the vmf “insists more and more loudly on a timely financial strengthening of the practice teams.”

It is now important that practice owners are put in a position to pay staff better. This is “simply not feasible given the growing cost pressure on practices,” said Buhlinger-Göpfarth. There is an urgent need for a rethink among health insurance companies and politicians.

Stress and workload become “unbearable”

The Virchowbund, which represents practicing doctors, also called on all practice owners to support the strike “as much as possible”. “The practices are chronically underfunded, and our MFAs also feel this every day,” said Dirk Heinrich, the federal chairman of the Virchowbund. MFA refers to medical assistants.

In addition, the stress and workload among the practice’s employees have now increased “to an unbearable level,” said Heinrich. Despite loving their profession, many changed their orientation and left outpatient care.

According to vmf, the warning strike is intended to accompany the next round of negotiations planned for Thursday. According to the association, protests are also planned in front of the German Medical Association Berlin as well as in Dortmund,
HamburgMarburg, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

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