Disposable cigarettes: the ban on “puffs” will be on the agenda of the Assembly in December

Disposable cigarettes: the ban on “puffs” will be on the agenda of the Assembly in December

The ban on these cigarettes, popular among young people, will soon be put to a vote by the National Assembly. MPs must consider a transpartisan bill at the beginning of December to ban “puffs”, disposable single-use electronic cigarettes“a public health” and “environmental” aberration, according to its authors.

These inexpensive cigarettes, with a tangy or fruity taste and a colorful design, worrying because they target adolescents, while electronic cigarettes are prohibited for minors. The upcoming ban on these products, which offer a certain number of puffs for a nicotine level of between 0 and 20 mg/ml, was also called for by Élisabeth Borne at the beginning of September.

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In November, the environmentalist deputy Francesca Pasquini and the Renaissance elected official Michel Lauzzana tabled a text to this effect, supported by a wide range of groups, denouncing “an aberration both from the point of view of public health and that of the footprint environmental”. The conference of presidents, which brings together the leaders of the National Assembly, decided on Tuesday to include it on the agenda for the next “Assembly week”, scheduled for December 4 to 8.

Always looking for legislative time for deputies’ proposals, the Assembly will now divide these weeks between texts from the presidential majority (60% of the time) and transpartisan texts (40%). At the beginning of December, deputies must therefore examine, if time permits, texts against discrimination, particularly in employment, thanks to the development of “testings”, to “support voluntary commitment and associative life”, to regulate Airbnb and tourist rentals (Renaissance-PS), or even for preserve cinema in overseas territories.

Use of consulting firms

Another communist and LR text from the Senate for regulate the use of consulting firms by the Stateafter one lively controversy during the last presidential election, obtained a green light in principle, but its examination was postponed. According to several parliamentary sources, the MoDem and Horizons groups, members of the majority, were open to its examination but asked for more time to prepare amendments and develop it.

“It was done with my agreement,” confirmed the leader of the communist deputies André Chassaigne. “I prefer that we take the time to have a text that can be adopted.” Sources at the MoDem group notably mentioned the possibility of extending the supervision of the use of consulting firms to certain local authorities.

“A registration of the text in the week of January 29 was adopted,” assured those close to the President of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet.

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