Diary of an autistic boy: “My love for music”

Diary of an autistic boy: “My love for music”

Dear readers of Repubblica, today I would like to talk to you about how I, as an autistic person, live my relationship with music.

The first contacts occurred as a child when my parents listened to music during car trips or when they put on a video cassette of cartoons for me and my brothers.

At the time, I was totally incapable of expressing my emotions and I sat inert and apparently absent, while the music generated powerful but totally captive emotions in me.

When I learned to read the emotions of you non-autistics on your faces, I became convinced that I felt them much stronger than you. My autistic limit was not that I didn’t feel emotions as some might think, but that I was incapable of expressing them in a way that was understandable to you non-autists.

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As I grew up, things improved and I began to watch films and cartoons while sitting on a sofa but ready to jump up and dance as soon as the music started and even sing if I knew the song by heart. So I could give free rein to my emotions and my father said that when I danced I appeared incredibly light compared to my size.

At the end of high school, I started taking percussion lessons from maestro Valter. At first everything was incomprehensible to me but then, little by little, I began to understand and learn. Even today I have a lot of fun when maestro Valter starts a Cuban music base and teaches me a new rhythmic figure. Music is life and joy as it flows and is played.

As I became an adult, I then developed my musical tastes. I love boogie woogie pianists and my idol is Champion Jack Dupree. I also love early blues, bluegrass music and also jazz and various classical music things. Light or commercial music, on the other hand, leaves me cold.

But the best thing is going back to being a child and dancing and singing The bare essentials along with Mowgli and Baloo. They will forever remain the great friends of the autistic child who still lives inside me.

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