“Destinazione Salute”, an exhibition in 14 stages on cancer prevention

“Destinazione Salute”, an exhibition in 14 stages on cancer prevention

Is called “Destination Health – Cancer can be prevented” and is the exhibition designed and created by Idis Foundation – City of Science of Naples who will be present at the XXV National Congress of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM), which will be held at the Marriot Park Hotel in Rome from 10 to 12 November. At the Congress there will be a station dedicated to the exhibition created within the Program Agreements of Law 6/2000 for the diffusion of scientific culture and financed by the Ministry of University and Research.

The exhibition availed itself of a scientific committee made up of researchers, managers and doctors of the Institute for Tumors “G. Foundation” Pascale” of Naples with the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research ETS, the AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) and the AIOM Foundation.

Objective of the exhibition, which will then be included in the exhibition itinerary of the interactive museum of the human body CORPOREA at the City of Science of Naples, is to raise awareness among a young public about cancer prevention, both through correct behavior and lifestyles; both through participation in screening and other secondary prevention events.

The exhibition includes different degrees of in-depth analysis, interactive workshops and other initiatives aimed at schools and the general public, for an educational and engaging experience that promotes cancer prevention and the sharing of clear health information. It is divided into 14 stages which address the health strategies useful for preventing the development, spread and progression of diseases and for limiting the appearance of irreversible damage to the body.

“It has been proven that 40% of cancer cases and 50% of deaths can be avoided by acting on preventable risk factors, in particular on lifestyles: no smoking, correct diet and constant physical activity – points out Saverio CinieriPresident AIOM -. In our country, however, 30% of the population does not practice any sporting activity, 32% is overweight, 10% is obese and 24% smokes. Our scientific society must use all tools to inform citizens about the importance of prevention. For this reason, AIOM and the AIOM Foundation have enthusiastically decided to participate in the exhibition to be held in Naples”.

“Città della Scienza is recognized nationally and internationally for its commitment to promoting science, technology and health – states the President of Città della Scienza, Riccardo Villari. Participation in the XXV AIOM National Congress with the exhibition “Destination Health: cancer prevention is possible” which arises from scientific collaboration with prestigious partners, further strengthens this important role in the dissemination of scientific culture, research and the promotion of cancer prevention. The exhibition will then be part of the exhibition itinerary in our interactive Museum for an audience of schools, families, people of all ages – around 250 thousand visitors a year – who are absolutely sensitive to receiving a message of this type”.

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