Dengue, how long in advance to get vaccinated?

Dengue, how long in advance to get vaccinated?

I have to go to Brazil at the end of February, where there are outbreaks of Dengue. Am I in time to start prophylaxis with the vaccine? Does it make sense to take even just one dose before leaving? I live in Ravenna but I am willing to move, even to Rome”.

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The new vaccine for Dengue, Qdenga, should be available very soon, i.e. within a few days, in the International Vaccination Centers of Lazio. The lady who lives in Ravenna, however, can contact the Vaccination Center of the Negrar Hospital in Verona, where some doses should be available.

As for the question about timing, the vaccination card provides for two doses three months apart. However, there is data from studies indicating coverage after the first dose of approximately 80%. Partial immunity begins approximately 10-12 days after administration and it is therefore advisable to do it as soon as possible.

*Roberto Ieraci, infectious disease specialist, CNR Associate Researcher on Vaccination Strategies of the Lazio Region.

The information provided is intended for informational purposes only: it does not represent medical advice in any way and cannot replace diagnoses or treatment indications recommended by your doctor or a specialist..

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