Correctly understand lung cancer, you need to know these misunderstandings about lung care

Correctly understand lung cancer, you need to know these misunderstandings about lung care

my country is the country with the largest number of lung cancers. The incidence and mortality of lung cancer rank first among malignant tumors, which seriously threatens the health of our residents. November 17 is International Lung Cancer Day. The reporter interviewed relevant experts to learn about lung care knowledge.

Develop good habits of nourishing and protecting the lungs in daily life

Lung health is related to every breath we take in our lives. The lungs are directly connected to the outside world through the trachea, throat, mouth and nose, and are the first lifeline of the human body.

Ma Sude, director of the Pulmonary Disease Department of Yuci District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, said that in recent years, pulmonary diseases with high incidence are mainly divided into three categories: the first category is pulmonary infectious diseases, and common causes include pneumonia and bronchitis. The symptoms of patients in the first category mainly include cough, sputum and fever; the second category is chronic airway inflammatory diseases. Common diseases include chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, etc.; the third category is lung disease. The proportion of cancer patients has increased compared with before.

“Most of these lung disease doctors and patients are people with low immunity and weak constitution, especially the elderly, the frail (who are recuperating in bed at home for a long time) and children. There are also people with bad habits, such as those who have smoked for many years. History.” Masud explained that the nicotine content in cigarettes will increase the probability of people suffering from lung diseases. In addition, patients with underlying diseases, such as diabetes, malignant tumors and other diseases, are prone to lung diseases.

To this end, Ma Sude suggested that the prevention of lung diseases should focus on several aspects such as daily diet, keeping indoor air fresh and appropriate humidity, etc., and develop good habits of nourishing and protecting the lungs in daily life, and avoid contact with allergens, Strengthen physical exercise to improve your own immunity and resistance.

Avoid misunderstandings about nourishing and protecting the lungs

So, what are the misunderstandings that need to be avoided in lung protection and health care?

Chen Xiaoli, deputy chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at Jincheng Hospital in Shanxi Province, reminded that to nourish and protect the lungs, one must avoid misunderstandings about nourishing the lungs.

Chen Xiaoli introduced that in daily life, lung moisturizing should be symptomatic. Foods that moisturize the lungs such as pears, lilies, and barley tend to be cold, so more is not always better. People with weak spleen and stomach and heavy dampness should use these foods with caution. People with weak spleen and stomach should not eat lung-moistening foods alone, but should add some neutralizing clementines and tangerine peels.

“We often say that the lungs have five fears: tobacco gas, oil fume, dirty air, cold air, and hot air.” Therefore, Chen Xiaoli suggested that for lung health, do not fall into the misunderstanding of relying on a large amount of supplements to supplement your lung health. You must first pay attention to quitting smoking, Keep warm, add or remove clothing at the right time, improve lifestyle, eat properly, avoid staying up late, and feel comfortable, etc.

In addition, Chen Xiaoli also said that many people confuse “cold” and “anti-inflammatory” and blindly take antibiotics when they have cough or sputum. In fact, these symptoms may be self-limiting viral infections, and the misuse of antibiotics will lead to antibiotic resistance, bacterial imbalance and other disadvantages.

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