Consumption. Sliced ​​smoked salmon recalled for risk of listeria contamination

Consumption.  Sliced ​​smoked salmon recalled for risk of listeria contamination

Attention, fans of smoked salmon for Christmas meals, the government site Consumption reminder reported that a batch of Le Fumoir brand Norwegian smoked salmon slices is the subject of a national recall. Numbered 11173011, this lot has been marketed since December 5 throughout France in a one kilo format.

Do not consume the product and destroy it or return it to the point of sale

The product could be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, the bacteria that causes listeriosis. Due to the risk of contamination, it is recommended not to consume these products, destroy them or return them to the point of sale. Buyers will be able to benefit from an exchange until Tuesday January 9, 2024.

People who have already consumed these products and who present with a fever, with or without headache, and body aches, are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption, indicates Rappel Conso.

Listeriosis, a disease that can cause serious forms

Listeriosis can also cause digestive problems (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting). The incubation period can be up to eight weeks. In some cases, the disease can lead to serious forms. Pregnant women as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly should be particularly attentive to these symptoms.

The latter present “a terrain allowing the bacteria to develop more easily”, recalls the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES).

A contact number is available: 01 60 64 95 64.

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