Chron’s disease, a diet can lead to remission – WWN

Chron’s disease, a diet can lead to remission – WWN

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The diet to which the patients at the Meyer pediatric hospital in Florence were subjected excluded industrially processed foods, which contain additives, emulsifiers and preservatives. In 70% of cases there was complete remission, even from severe forms

With a anti-inflammatory diet specific for the intestine some patients at the Meyer Irccs university hospital in Florence have gone into remission compared to the Crohn’s diseasethat is, they no longer had any manifestations of the pathology.

Experimentation in progress

These are the results of an ongoing trial at the children’s hospital: the diet has been recommended to more than one so far 60 little patients. In 70% of casesdoctors witnessed a complete remission of the disease, even if it had occurred in severe form. Crohn’s disease is a serious inflammatory pathology that affects the small intestine and colon and which increasingly appears in childhood.

The diet
to which the patients were subjected excluded all foods that may have an inflammatory action on the intestine, in particular those processed by industrythat contain additives, emulsifiers and preservatives.

The success

Dietary therapy has proven effective even in patients who do not respond to medical treatments, even with the use of latest generation biological drugs. We are very satisfied with this result – Paolo Lionetti, who heads pediatric gastroenterology at Meyer, explained to Ansa -: until recently, patients were given a exclusively liquid diet which had demonstrated good results, but was difficult to accept. This diet, although rather rigid, is followed more willingly by children and adolescents. Plus, there are no side effects. The specialists are also trying to develop, in collaboration with Meyer, a Mediterranean variant of the diet.

The diseases that inflammation facilitates

Inflammation is the disease of the century
: a condition of continuous alert that can persist silently within our organism. It is supported by the cells of the immune system that they produce cytokines inflammatory. While acute inflammation is an essential response of our body, the prime mover of all defense systems, chronic low-grade inflammation occurs when the body remains in a state of alarm, without the classic signs such as pain or inflammation. ‘temperature increase. This continuous state of alarm certainly does related to the most widespread diseases in the Western world. implicated in: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke), tumors, neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s), osteoporosis. It is also present in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and there are hypotheses that correlate it with depression, aging, intestinal and rheumatic diseases and with greater mortality in the elderly.

Foods if foods no

Foods that are inflammatory for the intestine are: refined carbohydrates (white cereals), sugary drinks, industrially produced ready foods, all foods fried at high temperatures, red meat and animal proteins, processed meats (cured meats, frankfurters, etc. .), trans fats (margarines and all hydrogenated fats). The diet present in developed Western countries is very often a pro-inflammatory diet.
There Mediterranean diet a diet that combats inflammation, but even in Italy fewer and fewer people follow it. The entire plant kingdom is rich in anti-inflammatory foods – explains Stefano Erzegovesi, Nutritionist and Psychiatrist -: dark green leafy vegetables (kale, black cabbage, turnip greens, chard, herbs, spinach, etc.), red-orange foods -yellow, i.e. rich in carotenoids, extra virgin olive oil, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and all fresh fruit (for example berries or apples with their peel). In practice, fibers and phytochemical antioxidants, the elements that give color to vegetables.

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