Chinese medicine teaches you to improve your mental state

Chinese medicine teaches you to improve your mental state


The Spring Festival is a long holiday for rest and adjustment after a busy year, but some people feel more tired during this period than during working days. Why is this? Where does this feeling of exhaustion come from? What triggers cause poor mental status? How to explain it from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine? Is it possible to adjust the mental state through diet therapy? We asked Dr. Tian Suyan, Department of Internal Medicine, Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, to answer the question.

Why do I feel more tired than usual after the Spring Festival?

There are two main culprits for feeling more fatigued after the Spring Festival. Dr. Tian Suyan believes that one is irregular work and rest, busyness and fatigue, and the other is physical discomfort caused by improper diet.

Regarding the situation of irregular work and rest, busyness and fatigue, Dr. Tian Suyan analyzed: “Most people have experienced long-distance travel before and after the holidays, many guests, traveling, etc., which consume a lot of time and energy. Overwork on holidays, etc. make people go to bed late. I get up early, so my body is prone to fatigue after the holidays.”

As for physical discomfort caused by improper diet, the most common one is gastrointestinal discomfort. Dr. Tian Suyan said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that “disharmony in the stomach will lead to restlessness.” Overeating on holidays and overeating greasy and spicy food will aggravate gastric discomfort. The burden can easily lead to difficulty falling asleep, and even a series of uncomfortable symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that “body and spirit are unified”, which means that if a person’s body is healthy, his mental state will also be good. If your body becomes sick due to improper diet, your mental state will be poor.

People with such “holiday diseases” should be vigilant in time!

According to Dr. Tian Suyan’s clinical observation, generally speaking, during the Spring Festival, most people avoid medical treatment. When they have mild symptoms, most people do not seek correct medical treatment in time. She reminds everyone: During the special holiday of the Spring Festival, patients with underlying diseases need to be extra vigilant!

Patients with the three types of chronic diseases should be particularly vigilant about “holiday diseases”. Dr. Tian Suyan said: “First, diabetic patients suddenly overeat and eat greasy food, causing blood sugar to rise, and severe cases may cause coma; second, people who already suffer from chronic cholecystitis should always be vigilant. In case of acute cholecystitis, these patients need urgent treatment and timely medical treatment. Third, for patients with hypertension, because they tend to stay up late at parties and have irregular work and rest schedules, these patients need to be alert to the occurrence of acute cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and sudden death.” Others. People also need to be alert that overeating can lead to acute pancreatitis, which can even be life-threatening in severe cases.

How to prevent the occurrence of “holiday disease”?

Based on the symptomatic analysis of fatigue triggers, Dr. Tian Suyan believes that the first thing to do is to control the diet and adjust the diet structure. “During the Spring Festival, you need to control your diet and eat less greasy and meaty foods. You can try to combine them with foods that have the functions of digestion, clearing fire, and replenishing qi, such as hawthorn, mint, Millet porridge, winter melon, etc.”

In addition to dietary supplements, Dr. Tian Suyan believes that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, “eat and drink should be regulated, daily life should be regular, and no work should be done rashly.” You can usually moxibustion Zusanli and Shenque points to improve the body’s resistance, regulate gastrointestinal function, and enhance Invigorates energy and promotes digestion.

Finally, Dr. Tian Suyan reminded everyone: “Festival diseases are highly prevalent during the Spring Festival. While you are having fun, you should also maintain a moderate diet, regular work and rest, and a balance between work and rest. This is the secret to a healthy New Year!”


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