CBD: recall of candies in the form of gummies due to risk of poisoning

CBD: recall of candies in the form of gummies due to risk of poisoning

CBD-based candies are subject to a recall. There is a risk of poisoning if ingesting this cannabinoid which is not addictive.

The products concerned come in the form of gummies, a type of fruit paste. They were sold until December 18 in three Parisian stores. The stores are part of the SoCBD chain and are located on rue Oberkampf, in the 11th arrondissement of the capital, rue de Maubeuge (9th arrondissement) and rue Simart, in the 18th.

The products in question are Yummy Gummies. They are all concerned, whether they are strawberry, peach or apple flavors (strawberry, peach and apple in English). The lots are sold in packs of 10 units of 50 g. The authorities ask that you no longer consume these products. It is possible to contact the point of sale and return the gummies to the store. An exchange is possible until January 31, the date which corresponds to the end of the recall procedure.

A weight problem

This product recall comes after a party recently went wrong. Sweets like this were used there. As Le Parisien explained last week, a group of adults in their forties ingested such pasta during an exchange of gifts between them on December 9. They were in major trouble. Seven people had to be hospitalized.

Analyzes showed that the candies contained THC, the natural psychoactive derivative of cannabis, and H4CBD, a derivative of CBD, but without exceeding the authorized percentage thresholds. The problem would come from the weight of the candy. If, as a percentage, the quantity of active substance remains low and legal, the total weight ingested would still become too large, especially for people who do not usually consume this type of substance. “These are products sold in the legal CBD wellness market, without recommendations for use, but with effects that can be dangerous both in the short term and in the long term,” warns Anne Batisse, head of the addictovigilance center. from Paris.

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