Can the Covid vaccine weaken the immune system?

Can the Covid vaccine weaken the immune system?

“I underwent the primary cycle of anti-Covid vaccines, but about a year later I was diagnosed with three different tumors (bladder, colon and breast). I have always been healthy. However, I am curious to know if it is possible that it exists a correlation between vaccine and weakening of the immune system”.

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The anti-Covid-19 vaccination, like other vaccinations, cannot even theoretically cause a condition of immune deficiency such as to even induce the formation of tumors. Also take into account that the process of tumor formation is long and that it is unlikely that only a year passes from the triggering of the process to the clinical diagnosis. That said, since the fear that the new vaccines against Covid could cause tumors had taken hold in the population, there were several studies around the world that tried to verify this hypothesis. All the observations produced so far deny this hypothesis.

*Pier Luigi Lopalco is full professor of hygiene at the University of Salento.

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