Can the Covid vaccine be obtained for free at the pharmacy?

Can the Covid vaccine be obtained for free at the pharmacy?

The Covid vaccine is always free for everyone, therefore even if administered in a pharmacy. The availability of pharmacies to administer the vaccine, however, differs from Region to Region and, even within the same Region, can vary: it depends on the agreements that each regional administration has made with the representatives of the pharmacists and on the participation of each individual pharmacy to the agreement. It may therefore happen that even if in a Region that has made an agreement for the distribution of Covid vaccines in pharmacies there are territories where this does not happen, since the individual pharmacies have not joined the agreement.

Covid vaccination is always possible by following the instructions that each Region gives, by booking at the vaccination centers or during the days dedicated to vaccinations.
It is important to understand that the Covid vaccine can always be done, it is not linked to the winter season.

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*Giovanni Gabutti is full professor at the University of Ferrara and coordinator of the ‘Vaccines and Vaccination Policies’ group of SItI, the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

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