Call from AHESEN for the earthquake zone: Extend for 1 more year

Call from AHESEN for the earthquake zone: Extend for 1 more year

Chairman of the Family Medicine Employees Union (AHESEN) Dr. Ahmet Kandemir called for the “family medicine practice in places that are considered disaster areas affecting general life”, which will end on November 6, to be extended for another year.

occurred on February 6 Kahramanmaraş After earthquakes centered on Ministry of Health, “Family medicine practice in places considered to be disaster areas affecting general life” was implemented for 6 months. After 6 months, the application was planned to be extended for another 3 months and end on November 6. AHESEN made a written press statement regarding the termination of the application. Union President Dr. Ahmet Kandemir’s statement is as follows:


– Thousands of losses, destruction and pain were experienced in the February 6 earthquake centered in Kahramanmaraş. The majority of Family Physicians and Family Health workers continued their duties without interruption, even under difficult conditions, despite family losses and destroyed FHCs and homes. 9 months have passed since the disaster. However, the wounds are still healing. With the amendment made to the Family Medicine Payment and Contract Regulation on April 4, 2023, ‘In the payments of Contracted Family Physicians and Family Health workers, the wage screening and follow-up coefficient to be paid for registered persons and the incentive payments are each calculated separately and the monthly payments for the month before the disaster affecting general life are calculated. It is stated that ‘payment will be made not less than the wages’. This practice, which was initially determined for a period of 6 months, was extended for another 3 months and was planned to end on November 6.


– Although it is not enough to heal the wounds, extending the regulation for another year will make the lives of family physicians and family health workers working in earthquake regions easier. There has been a serious change in population in earthquake areas. Tens of thousands of people died and thousands of people had to migrate to other cities or safer parts of the city. The situation will become more complicated when the missing citizens in the earthquake zone are recorded in the system. Currently, many ASMs provide service in containers. A longer time is needed for both psychological and vital conditions for those living in the region to return to normal. For this reason, we demand that the Ministry of Health immediately extend the duration of the regulation.”


Working as a family physician in Kahramanmaraş, AHESEN Board Member Dr. Serkan Güçkıran made the following evaluation:

– It will take much longer than expected for the physical conditions here to return to normal. Heavily damaged ASMs and collapsed ASMs are trying to serve in containers under difficult conditions. The trauma experienced by our surviving citizens, colleagues and family health professionals is large enough to last a lifetime. While this is the case, facing financial difficulties makes the situation even more difficult. We continue our duty by trying to be strong. We expect our Ministry to support us in this regard.

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