breakfast at the Gallia hotel for those who donate blood – WWN

breakfast at the Gallia hotel for those who donate blood – WWN

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Initiative of the Centrale District committee, which brings together large hotels, commercial establishments and entrepreneurial activities in the Centrale-Republic district, and Avis Milano

The partnership between Centrale district, a committee that brings together large hotels, shops and entrepreneurial activities in the Centrale-Republic district, and Avis Milano, grows and is enriched with a third event dedicated to donation after the success of the previous ones: Friday 19 January, from from 8.00 to 12.00, a blood bank will be in operation in front of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, ready to welcome all those who want to donate blood. The initiative takes place in a traditionally difficult month for Avis which, thanks to holiday absences, a general climate of relaxation and many influences, recorded a 50% drop in donations made and bookings until January 6th, compared to 2023. In particular , as of January 4, 20 fewer donations were registered and as of January 2023, 64 reservations are missing for the next few days; numbers that suggest an uphill month with increasing hospitalizations, a January classic, and decreasing donors as explained by the general director of Avis Milano, Sergio Casartelli.

The donation day organized with Centrale District will involve the employees of the hotels and the various businesses active in the committee but also and above all the citizens* who, after donating, will be able to benefit from a sumptuous breakfast at the Gallia, the city’s iconic hotel. To donate you need to consult the information on the AVIS website and register according to the procedures reported on the Centrale District FB page ( Mandatory within five days of the donation, an email to [email protected] specifying name, surname, place and date of birth, tax code, direct telephone contact and preferred time for the donation (those intending to donate are asked to consult the health indications in advance on the AVIS website. Telephone contact with Avis Office. AVIS Milan Donor Service [email protected] 02/70635020_scelta 1

Among the promoters of the day of donations, now a fixed appointment in the District’s annual calendar, is Camilla Doni, owner of the Best Western Hotel Madison and of the Centrale District board: With this third we confirm the District’s vocation to bring citizens closer to the greats hotels and many apparently distant realities and in reality an integral part of the social fabric – he explains – We have consolidated the partnership with Avis Milano to make this neighborhood a hub for health and solidarity: another step forward to promote a different identity and perception of quarter. We are pleased to host the Avis donation day for the first time at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan – comments the General Manager of the structure, Gianrico Esposito – This occasion strengthens Gallia’s bond with the territory and the commitment in support of Central District initiatives. We hope that the day will see wide participation both from our employees and from the entire local community. AVIS Milan has been promoting and supporting the culture of blood donation for over 95 years and being here, together with Centrale District, to organize a collection in one of the most famous squares in Milan is an extraordinary achievement, which I hope will bring more and more people closer to the world of blood donation – comments Massimo Ferrarini, president of Avis Milano – Donating blood is a gesture of generosity towards the community, a circular, free and disinterested gesture “a life that enters another life to save it”. Milan is a large city, with large hospitals and often suffers from blood clots, which means less chance of saving human lives. I hope that this collaboration with Centrale District, which includes the Avis Milano bloodmobile in the district’s schedule on a fixed regularity, will help to spread the message more and more and raise awareness among Milanese citizens. The entire neighborhood will be affected by information flyers in the weeks preceding the event.

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