Automotive. Bedbugs, can they attack our cars?

Automotive.  Bedbugs, can they attack our cars?

Bedbugs love our cars! It is one of their favorite habitats. Indeed, bed bugs love hiding places and corners and they will not fail to find food there, that is to say you.

They can be brought by a passenger, whose clothes or luggage will have caught a few eggs before getting into your car. Motorhomes are also a prime target.

How do you know if bedbugs are present?

Inspect your car, looking at the seats, carpets, trunk or glove box, to identify the signs that prove the presence of these pests. You may find stains and fine black streaks, these are bedbug excrement. We can also identify the presence of bedbug skins, generally cream, beige or brown in color.

Bedbugs are small brown insects about the size of a cooked lentil. The larvae are whitish in color and generally present in the form of clusters. Unfortunately, it is often violent itching accompanied by skin lesions that will put you on the trail.

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How to get rid of it?

The first instinct is to clean the passenger compartment thoroughly. Vacuum seats, carpets and every corner of your car, if possible with an extractor vacuum cleaner. Wash everything that can be washed, starting with covers and rugs that can be washed at high temperatures.

Heat is your friend, don’t hesitate to use a steam cleaner in every corner of your car. Once the car is clean, an appropriate insecticide treatment will be applied following the instructions for use. The ideal is to contact car cleaning professionals.

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