At Rouen University Hospital, sport makes its entry into pediatrics

At Rouen University Hospital, sport makes its entry into pediatrics

Sitting on the edge of her bed, in her room at the Rouen University Hospital (Seine-Maritime), Elsa tries her hand at ring throwing on one of the four faces of the Hopi Sport tower. Hospitalized for four months in the pediatric department of the establishment, the 14-year-old girl assures that “it’s quite fun” and that “it breaks the routine”.

At his side, Laura Carretero, a teacher specializing in adapted physical activity, gives him some advice while explaining the possibilities offered by this mobile device, full of diverse and varied games, which allows practice of sport in a hospital environment from the youngest age. Created on the initiative of the Premiers de cordée associationit is the first equipment of this type to be installed in Normandy, thanks in particular to funding from Matmut.

“The tower adapts to the environment and the pathology of each young patient. Even if they cannot leave their room for medical reasons, we can interact with them,” explains Laura Carretero who will be responsible for offering individualized or small group activities in conjunction with the healthcare team and following therapeutic indications. doctors if necessary.

Coming to her hometown to inaugurate the equipment, Nathalie Péchalat, the figure skating champion and new president of the association, is delighted “to see sport enter the hospital for the physical and psychological well-being of these children. Because this helps to break a certain isolation and to change their minds during the session.” Sports breaks of around thirty minutes each time which will be organized every afternoon of the week.

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