As an example of an apple for energy, kiwi has replaced the apple

As an example of an apple for energy, kiwi has replaced the apple

Kiwi fruit – Photo: File

The example of eating an apple a day to get energy in the body and keep the doctor away is old, now the new fruit has replaced it.

According to foreign media reports, new research has revealed that eating kiwi fruit daily will improve your declining health.

Research has revealed that a person’s declining health will improve in four days, which is due to the high amount of vitamin C in this green fruit.

Vitamin C is the best source of energy for the human body. However, in this regard, researchers believe that there is now a better way to eat kiwi than vitamin C supplements.

According to foreign media reports, a team from the University of Otago in New Zealand conducted research on 155 young people who had low levels of vitamin C in their bodies.

The subjects were instructed to take a vitamin C supplement or eat two kiwi fruits per day, after which they reported changes in their mood, sleep quality and physical activity through a survey.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate kiwi fruit improved their mood within 4 days, while those who took vitamin C supplements took 14 to 16 days to improve. .

Note: This article is published for the information of the readers. Follow your physician’s advice on health-related matters.

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