ARS proposals for 2024

ARS proposals for 2024

Teleconsultation at home or in a town hall

From January, teleconsultation should arrive in places where the absence of a doctor is glaring. “Pharmacists, home helpers, mayors and even social workers will alert someone who needs a doctor. And this is aimed at isolated people, who cannot go to the doctor,” begins Ghislaine Wanwanscappel, territorial director of the ARS in Jura. The ARS (Regional Health Agency) will finance the equipment and a nurse, who will travel to people’s homes or town halls. “We can consider doing half-days of remote consultation, for example,” she explains. On the other side of the screen, a doctor from the French Mutualité or the territorial professional health community (CPTS). How to convince doctors to participate? “We are going to pay them beyond an ordinary consultation,” says the departmental delegate. The ARS will also be in contact with Abrapa or ADMR, so that these structures can indicate whether a person needs a doctor or a teleconsultation.

Departmental pop-up offices

As Progress already deciphered it last July, the ARS will also set up ephemeral cabinets. This is the result of a project between the department and the order of doctors, with the CPAM and the ARS. “When a doctor is absent and we have premises, we will ask retired doctors to come and practice. The latter will be employed by the Department, which will itself be compensated by the CPAM,” explains the director. Concretely, if the doctor on leave gives his agreement, the ARS may ask a retired doctor to come as reinforcement for a given time. “We discussed this implementation in Lons-le-Saunier, where several doctors are going to retire. We then have to find retired doctors who agree,” recognizes the regional health agency. Arinthod and Orgelet are also among the areas understaffed with doctors. “But let’s not forget that this is a temporary solution, until the situation becomes stable again. »

Housing equipment for medical interns

Within medical homes, the ARS financed housing. “In Bletterans, we can accommodate two people. They will be supervised by 40 healthcare professionals, it will be an enriching experience. The objective is to bring in medical interns, said Ghislaine Wanwanscappel. In Arinthod, we will do the same. There is also a need in Les Rousses, where rents are very high and where we are considering it. We also encourage doctors to be internship supervisors, in order to welcome students. In each of the 24 healthcare homes in Jura, we have at least one supervisor. Not to mention that we currently have 33 interns at the hospital, there have never been so many in years. »

An access to care service will be offered by January

Do you need an urgent medical appointment, but your GP is not able to see you right away? The ARS should set up an access to care service by January. Concretely, you can call a number where a regulator will direct you to a doctor who can see you urgently. This offer will complement the two care homes, in Lons-le-Saunier or Dole, which care for patients from 6 p.m. to midnight.

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