Are you at risk of becoming type 2 diabetic?

Are you at risk of becoming type 2 diabetic?

According to the latest estimates, around 900 million people worldwide are prediabetic. Problem is, they have a 70 to 90% risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes in the long term.

Prediabetes: a high risk of type 2 diabetes?

Concretely, what does this state of prediabetes mean? According to Professor Samy Hadjadj, “type 2 diabetes does not occur all of a sudden. It is in fact preceded by a phase of blood sugar dysregulation. Remember that the latter is considered normal when it is less than 1.10g/l on an empty stomach. We speak of prediabetes when it is between 1.10g/l and 1.25g/l. Prediabetes means the patient is at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A reversible situation?

However, according to our specialist, it is not inevitable that prediabetes will take the form of genuine diabetes. We still need to put in place the most effective strategies.

“Of course this state is reversible, we have means to achieve this. Provided that as many people as possible can be made aware. Since diabetes is very often associated with obesity, it is very effective to propose a fight against excess weight by combating a sedentary lifestyle, resuming physical activity and a more balanced diet. Another risk factor on which it is possible to act: smoking. So in reality these are quite practical measures linked to our lifestyles,” explains Professor Hadjadj.

What support ?

There is no specific treatment for prediabetes. And yet “the drugs developed against type 2 diabetes are proving effective in preventing the onset of the disease. But the health authorities assume that as long as the condition is not declared, it is not appropriate to reimburse the treatments. And it’s true that lifestyle changes can be enough. Not to mention that new nutritional approaches based on food supplements also seem interesting. »

A French solution in perspective

Like TOTUM•63, a unique and patented combination of 5 plant extracts developed by Valbiotis, a French Research & Development company. His particuliarity ? It specifically targets the mechanisms of type 2 diabetes and could prove effective in preventing prediabetic conditions.

More precisely, 4 clinical studies were carried out on 720 people. Which is a first for a health nutrition product. According to these studies, this food supplement would significantly reduce the main markers used for the diagnosis and monitoring of type 2 diabetes: fasting blood sugar, 2-hour blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin, insulin resistance score.

By analogy with other studies, this dietary supplement would help prevent the progression of prediabetes to type 2 diabetes, with a relative reduction of 40% in the number of new cases in prediabetic patients included in the studies.

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