Antidepressants effective and safe even for those suffering from heart disease or multiple pathologies – WWN

Antidepressants effective and safe even for those suffering from heart disease or multiple pathologies – WWN

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what emerges from a research conducted by the Charit University of Berlin and the University of Aarhus in Denmark presented at the Congress of the Society of Neuro Psycho Pharmacology (Sinpf)

Antidepressant drugs are also indicated in subjects who have heart disease or more physical illnesses. what emerges from the research conducted by the Charit University of Berlin and the Aarhus University in Denmark, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, and discussed at XXV National Congress of the Society of Neuro Psycho Pharmacology (Sinpf) which this year is dedicated to The neurosciences of tomorrow: neuropsychopharmacology towards precision and personalization of treatments.

There depression the most frequent mental pathology in Italy, with over 3 million people suffering from depressive symptoms and a further increasing prevalence following the Covid-19 pandemic – he explains Claudio Mencacci, Sinpf Co-President and emeritus director of Neurosciences at the Fatebenefratelli-Sacco Hospital in Milan —. Numerous international studies have shown that among sufferers of widespread chronic pathologies, such as diabetes or heart failure, the incidence of depression in Italy is 30%. A very high percentage when compared to that found among the general population, which varies between 5 and 7%. But the relationship between chronic pathologies and bidirectional depression. Not only does a chronically ill person have a greater risk of falling into depression compared to the rest of the population – specifies Mencacci -. Even those who are depressed have a greater chance of falling ill with chronic diseases. This is why it is essential to be clear about the treatment options for patients with depression and other comorbidities.

Until now, antidepressants, unanimously considered the best treatment for any manifestation of major depressive disorder, were often excluded when patients had other illnesses. This new study fills an important gap – he explains Matteo Balestrieri, Co-President of SINPF, director of the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Health Authority of Udine –. Based on 176 systematic reviews that took into consideration 43 diseases and 52 meta-analyses regarding 27 different medical conditions, the work concludes that antidepressants are safe and effective even for patients suffering from depression with underlying pathologies, such as cancer, cardiac and metabolic diseases, as well as rheumatological and neurological disorders.

New scientific evidence that aims to review actions to ensure a good quality of life, even in those who are sick. We know that the course of the physical illness is worse in patients who also suffer from depression – Mencacci points out -. Therefore, treating these patients with antidepressants in addition to other therapeutic measures can be of great help indeed.

Psychiatrists reiterate the need for antidepressant treatments, especially in the case of comorbidities, to be prescribed by the doctor who will be able to evaluate any contraindications and interactions with other drugs taken by the patients.
Today there are many antidepressants with different mechanisms of action – concludes Balestrieri -. So, almost always, there is at least one suitable drug to treat depression for every patient, regardless of medical history. Of course, the correct management of the therapy once started is very important. As for any type of patient.

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January 25, 2024 (modified January 25, 2024 | 2.10 pm)

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