Andrologists: “Sexual education to combat gender violence”

Andrologists: “Sexual education to combat gender violence”

Fight gender violence by promoting conscious and non-violent sexuality. This is the objective of the national andrological awareness and information campaign “#e-SIA-prevention 2024”presented to the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of National Andrology Day by the experts of the Italian Society of Andrology (SIA).

“Learning the cognitive, emotional, social, relational and physical aspects of sexuality to overcome the scourge of gender violence with a scientific approach based on education in respect and acceptance of others”, he explains Alessandro Palmieripresident of SIA.

This is the message of the campaign which also emerges in the letter addressed to the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditarawith which the experts expressed their willingness to contribute to the topic of sexual education.

Sexual education

“An information/training project for Italian schools through a specialist multidisciplinary package that addresses the topic of conscious sexuality and gender violence from a more clinical point of view”, adds Palmieri.

The SIA president recalls how important it is to act according to what can be defined as “a holistic conception of sexual education which is much more than the simple prevention of health problems”. All following what was established already in 2010 by the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization in the “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe – Reference framework for policy makers, school and health authorities, specialists”.

According to Palmieri, everything must be “addressed first of all to the teachers who will then have to be the architects of the training of young people”, but also by making the children talk to other young people according to the “peer education” system, to transmit a message between peers.

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