American woman with rare double uterus gave birth to twins – WWN

American woman with rare double uterus gave birth to twins – WWN

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The little sisters were born from their 32-year-old mother’s two wombs within a day of each other. They are fine. “Our miracle babies are born,” the Alabama woman wrote. One chance in 1 million

The record-breaking twins were born, give birth on two different days from two different wombs but from the same motherwho had gotten pregnant in both of her two uteruses at the same time, a one in 1 million chance.

The happy event was announced by the same woman, a 32-year-old from Alabama, Kelsey Hatcher, already a mother of three children, who documented her exceptional pregnancy on Instagram. «Our miracle babies are born», she wrote: the first baby, called Roxi Layla, was born on Tuesday, while her little sister Rebel Laken was born on Wednesday. The mother and daughters have already been released from hospital.

The woman learned she had a double uterus at the age of 17. The double uterus it is an anomaly that affects approximately one woman out of every 2,000-3,000. Despite the presence of two uterine bodies, there are still two fallopian tubes. The double uterus, or didelphus, is a characteristic present from birth and, if it does not cause problems, does not require interventions. A different story double birth like what lay ahead for the 32-year-old American. Pregnancies in both uteruses they are extremely rare. The last known case occurred in Bangladesh in 2019, when Arifa Sultana, then 20, gave birth to healthy twins 26 days apart.

The 32-year-old knew the twins might be born at different times, from minutes, to hours, even days. The pregnancy was considered low risk, but the birth was considered high risk, but everything went well. Mrs. Hatcher’s labor was induced at 39 weeks: the first baby was born by natural birth and the second by caesarean section. Professor Davis, who accompanied the birth, said the newborns could be called “fraternal twins”. Kelsey wrote on social media: «Our UAB team (the University of Alabama with its Women & Infants Center of Birmingham, ed.) was incredible and we couldn’t have had a better experience! I can’t wait to share the whole birth story with you guys!”

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December 23, 2023 (modified December 23, 2023 | 5:14 pm)

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