Alcohol: Risky alcohol consumption is increasing among women

Alcohol: Risky alcohol consumption is increasing among women

Alcohol consumption by people in Germany has fallen significantly in the long-term trend over the last 40 years. At the same time, Germany continues to be one of the countries with particularly high consumption. This comes from an answer from Federal Government in response to a small question from the Left parliamentary group in the Bundestag Rhenish Post is present.

“The per capita consumption of pure alcohol in Germany has declined over the last 40 years. However, in an international comparison, Germany remains one of the high-consumption countries,” says the report from the Federal Ministry of Health.

More than half of people in Germany regularly drink beer (55.2 percent) or wine and sparkling wine (50.8 percent). 32.8 percent of those surveyed chose spirits last month.

According to the federal government, risky consumption among men has declined in the long term. For women, however, it remained constant and recently increased slightly. 13 percent of the population drank in 2021 alcohol to a risky extent – in 1995 it was 16.4 percent. According to the information, risky consumption means 24 to 60 grams of alcohol per day for men and 12 to 40 grams for women. There are 12 grams of alcohol in a glass of beer (300 ml), wine (125 ml) or a double shot of schnapps (40 ml).

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