Ain. Hemorrhage of blood donations, volunteers hold on

Ain.  Hemorrhage of blood donations, volunteers hold on

“Blood donations are decreasing,” confirms Nathalie Jaussaud, doctor at the French blood establishment, who led the meeting this Saturday, March 9, in front of representatives of the department’s 58 associations. However, we can console ourselves with the observation that we remain in a good region.”

“We remain in a good region”

To the point that the health professional confided: “We even help Paris with our stocks”.

It remains that if the donation of blood is undoubtedly vital, the associations also campaign for the donation of plasma, in particular. “This year, Objectif plasma will not be possible in mobile collections, like ours.

However, it is still possible to donate plasma in the donation centers of Bourg-en-Bresse, Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire) and Lyon Part Dieu (Rhône). You will then have to devote 1 hour 30 minutes of your time to make this donation. »

Also calling for platelet and plasma donations

Blood donation allows all blood components to be collected at the same time and in just 10 minutes. It meets the most common transfusion needs, whether regular such as for patients suffering from cancer, or occasional such as hemorrhages during childbirth…

The plasma donation lasts on average 45 minutes. Your plasma is mainly used for the regular care of 500,000 patients per year in France, treated using drugs derived from plasma: hemophiliacs, immunocompromised people, people suffering from serious chronic illnesses, etc.

The platelet donation lasts on average 90 minutes. The platelets will only be kept for 7 days. They are generally used to treat blood diseases but also save the lives of patients suffering from sudden and severe hemorrhage.

Bourg-en-Bresse Donation House, Fleyriat hospital 900 route de Paris, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse.
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