Ail Easter eggs return to 4,800 Italian squares

Ail Easter eggs return to 4,800 Italian squares


The Ail Easter Eggs are back in over 4,800 Italian squares, an initiative under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, now in its 31st edition. They return to the square on March 15, 16 and 17, a promoted appointment with solidarity by the Italian Association against leukemia, lymphoma and myelomaalongside hematology patients and their families for 55 years.

A contribution for each egg

The minimum membership contribution to receive the Ail Easter Egg is 13 euros. To find out in which squares to find Ail volunteers from 15 to 17 March, just go to the Internet address, or call the number 06.7038 6060 (active from 12 March from 9am to 5pm). Ail eggs, made with milk or dark chocolate, are recognizable thanks to the association’s logo on the packaging, which symbolically contains the great daily commitment to giving a future to the dreams of patients with blood cancer.

The objective of the association

“Ail has always put the patient with blood cancer first, who is particularly fragile and delicate because his immune system is highly compromised and therefore more at risk – explain the leaders of the association -. The results in the scientific studies and the increasingly effective and targeted innovative therapies, including CAR-T immunotherapy, the latest frontier in the treatment of tumors, and stem cell transplantation, have led to a great improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of haematological patients, both adults and children. However, it is necessary to continue intensely on this path and invest more and more resources in scientific research to reach new goals and make these diseases increasingly curable.
Italian Hematology, through its treatment centers and thanks to the daily work of the 83 provincial Ail sections and its 16,000 volunteers, guarantees continuity of care and therapy”.

What Ail does

“The Ail Easter Eggs initiative has made it possible over many years to organize important research and assistance projects and has contributed to making progress in the treatment of blood tumors known”, adds the association. Illustrating its fields of intervention: “Ail finances research on leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood diseases; it supports social welfare services; it creates lodging houses close to the major Hematology Centers, to accommodate non-resident patients and their family members who have to face long periods of care”.

Thousands of volunteers at work

“The event is realized thanks to the contribution of thousands of volunteers who represent the most precious heritage for Ail, and to the work of its 83 sections – adds the association. Volunteers who also contribute to “organising the home care service for adults and children, to avoid hospitalization for all patients who can be cared for at home; finance psychological support services, offering the opportunity to discuss with an expert in such a challenging phase of the patients’ lives; finance legal support activities, health mobility, and economic support; collaborate in supporting the expenses to guarantee the functioning of the hematology and stem cell transplant centers, to create or renovate clinics, day hospitals, hospitalization departments, to purchase cutting-edge equipment and to finance healthcare personnel who allow the proper functioning of the specialized structures”.


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