Against the lack of general practitioners, the hospital and town medicine join forces in Royan and call for volunteers

Against the lack of general practitioners, the hospital and town medicine join forces in Royan and call for volunteers


If the Royan region is not officially classified as a medical desert by the Regional Health Agency, the figures are worrying. Between 2010 and 2022, the number of general practitioners fell by 31.6%. In this area which is always welcoming more new inhabitants and whose average age is high, it is difficult to find a treating doctor.

In addition to the initiatives of elected officials to attract young doctors, the Royan Atlantique Hospital Center (CHRA) has opened an unscheduled care consultation (CSNP) space within its emergency department. The aim is to provide a rapid response to patients who cannot find treating doctors and to relieve emergency room congestion. “Mixed city-hospital activities are the future to meet the care needs of the population and the problems of access to care,” says Laurence Couloudou, director of the CHRA.

Only one practitioner for the moment

Concretely, “when the patient presents spontaneously to the emergency room, he specifies the reason for his visit and his symptoms. The reception nurse will make an initial orientation and contact the doctor before the patient enters the hospital emergency room,” adds the director.

For the moment, only one town doctor, Marie Morelière, participates in these consultations, Mondays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. “I am adjusting to the activity that there is also on the emergency side for receive patients who have pathologies that I can take care of, explains Doctor Morelière. There are a lot of emergencies felt by people, due to not having a GP or an appointment quickly. I can take care of them and respond to this request. Having a foot in the city through my professional activity also allows me to better understand the needs of certain patients and relieve my city colleagues on certain types of care. »

On average, Doctor Morelière takes care of 30% of patients who come to the emergency room during his time slots. The link and follow-up with the attending physician, when there is one, is maintained by sending a summary. “The objective now is to find new volunteer doctors to fill the remaining time slots and provide consultations from Monday to Friday,” hopes the hospital management. The call is on!


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