advice for the definitive stop – WWN

advice for the definitive stop – WWN

Of Elena Munarini

The first piece of advice is to get into the perspective of going from three cigarettes to zero: first switching to two and one cigarette a day risks being real torture, it is better at this point to make a clean break

I am 33 years old and have been smoking since I was 18. In recent months I have managed to progressively reduce my cigarettes from twenty to three a day. Then a problem arose. I smoke one after lunch, one after dinner and the last one two hours later. Sometimes the desire for a fourth is very strong and I can’t go down to two, as I should have done a long time ago. My delayed sleep syndrome, which has been present in the past, has gotten worse. I would like to quit smoking: what do you advise me to do?

He replies Elena Munarinipsychologist and psychotherapist, Anti-smoking Center National Cancer Institute, Milan (GO TO THE FORUM)

Although she claims that she went from twenty to three cigarettes without problems, this process carried out over several months testifies great determination that not everyone, regarding cigarettes, can have. This is even more unusual considering that (for now we still leave the verb in the present, hoping to be able to change it to the past soon) however a heavy smoker. Now you write to us that you have reached three cigarettes and are stuck in proceeding to the final step, that of giving them up completely. This difficulty can have a psychological and physical reason.

The psychological level

The first linked to the fact that the difference between smoking even just one cigarette and deciding that you won’t smoke even one is small on a practical level, but it can be big on a psychological level. the difference between knowing that during the day that moment spent with the cigarette (which for everyone can have a different meaning, from cuddling, to charging, to relaxation…) will be there or it won’t be there. the decision to really do without it, to go about your day without it this cushion that deludes us into giving us what we needeven if, paying attention, we realize that this is not the case.

Withdrawal syndrome

On a physical level however we can say that three cigarettes are the minimum quota to manage a withdrawal syndrome which, although in his case it is not very aggressive, there is, as evidenced by the worsening in the last few months of his difficulty in resting well. How to get out of it? The first tip of enter into the perspective of going from three cigarettes to zero: switching to two and one cigarettes a day risks being real torture, better at this point to make a clean break. If you find it difficult to take this initiative, you can help yourself with a practical, effective and safe remedy, that is taking, for the first few weeks of quitting smoking, a low dose of nicotine replacement therapywhich can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription.

A day without cigarettes

There are different formats from which to choose the one that suits you best (gum, dragees, inhaler or sublingual spray) and to be used to replace the three remaining cigarettes. The perception of no physical need that this product will give you could be the key to making you find the courage to experience a day without cigarettesat the end of which the enthusiasm of having succeeded and seeing that she is fine even without making her proceed without any more fears.

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