Advancing into big biomedicine, Tasly builds a “dual ecology” pattern

Advancing into big biomedicine, Tasly builds a “dual ecology” pattern

After entering the capital market for 20 years, Tasly has developed its modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine, and chemical medicine sectors in a coordinated manner, deploying digitalization and cutting-edge life science technologies.

Introduction: Tasly, founded in 1994, started with traditional Chinese medicine. With its “Xiaoxiao Dropping Pills”, it opened up the innovation and overseas market of traditional Chinese medicine. Compound Danshen Dropping Pills became the first Chinese patent medicine with annual sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. Variety. Nearly 30 years since its establishment and more than 20 years in the capital market, Tasly has gone from conquering the world with a single product to developing a multi-business layout. Today, Tasly has gradually formed a product pattern of coordinated development of modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine, and chemical medicine, and has embarked on a new journey of a “dual-ecology” pattern driven by digitalization and cutting-edge life science technology. As a representative enterprise of modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, Tasly has broken the single ecology of “TCM enterprise”.

Laying the foundation and establishing the business with modern Chinese medicine compound Danshen Dropping Pills

In the 1980s and 1990s, China’s pharmaceutical industry began to flourish, and Tasly was born at this time. Compound Salvia Dripping Pills were the company’s flagship product at that time. With diligence and pioneering, dreams and passion, Tasly people soon Building Compound Danshen Dropping Pills into a “100 million” grade product, “Xiaoxiao Dropping Pills” has opened up a new situation for an enterprise.

Today, this company, which was founded 29 years ago and has been in the capital market for more than 20 years, has grown into a representative company in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. In the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular treatment, which is the company’s traditional advantage, its core product Compound Danshen Dropping Pills are widely used in public medical institutions in China. It ranks first in the terminal’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Chinese patent medicine brand rankings. Regarding the issue of how to innovate traditional Chinese medicine that is a common concern in the industry, Tasly gave its own answer: explain the scientific connotation of traditional Chinese medicine; use clinical evaluation technology that combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine to evaluate traditional Chinese medicine; and realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing through intelligent manufacturing.

To this end, Tasly has built a digitally intelligent precision research and development system with the research institute as the leader and the three major treatment areas as the focus, so that modern traditional Chinese medicine can achieve component innovation and source innovation with the help of big data and AI. Recently, Tasly has cooperated with Huawei Cloud Pangu Model to jointly build a vertical model in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and build a new paradigm for traditional Chinese medicine research and development, helping Tasly to continue to maintain its leading position in research and development.

A new generation of high-speed pill dropping machine independently developed by Tasly

In terms of product manufacturing, after several iterations, Tasly’s intelligent manufacturing level has been greatly improved in cost control and production efficiency. The company has developed a high-speed pill-dropping machine with independent intellectual property rights. Compared with traditional pill-dropping machines in the industry, the dropping speed is 25 times faster and the production capacity is increased by 4 times, achieving a leap-forward improvement in production efficiency.

In response to changes in the industry, Tasly focuses on the “second echelon” created by new drug launches and secondary development, as well as the “technical equipment” that strives for excellence and constant iteration. In 2019, the innovative Chinese medicine Shaoma Zhiyu Granules was approved for marketing; in 2020, the supplementary application for new indications of Qishen Yiqi Dropping Pills and Yangxue Brain were approved for clinical use; in 2021, the Chinese medicine Kunxinning developed with a global perspective The granules were approved for marketing; in the same year, Compound Danshen Dropping Pills were approved for diabetic retinopathy. Market analysis believes that the large base of diabetic retinopathy patients and the new indication of Compound Danshen Dropping Pills are expected to gain a broader new market space.

Tasly’s just-released third quarter report shows that the company achieved a year-on-year growth of 10.61% in the pharmaceutical industry in the first three quarters. The modern traditional Chinese medicine sector, an area of ​​long-term competitive advantage, continued to grow steadily with a revenue growth rate of 16.72%. As of the end of 2022, Tasly has a total of 26 R&D pipelines in the field of modern traditional Chinese medicine, and phase II and IIII products are intensively deployed. Among them, the Class 1 innovative traditional Chinese medicines Anshen Dropping Pills and Chitongning Tablets are undergoing phase III research, and Changkang Granules and Xiangju Milk are undergoing phase III research. Pining Capsules, Susu Xiaoerzhike Granules, Lianxia Xiaopi Granules, and Sanhuang Jingshiming have completed Phase II and are currently summarizing data.

Advance into the fields of chemical drugs and biological drugs and start a new journey of “dual ecology”

As early as more than 20 years ago, Tasly founder Yan Xijun keenly realized that under the drastic changes in the industry’s survival rules, the situation of conquering the world with a single product would become a bottleneck, and decisively proposed that Tasly should advance into the fields of chemical drugs and biological drugs.

Under the guidance of this strategy, Tasly has made great achievements in the field of chemical drugs in recent years, and has obtained registration approval for many drugs such as tadalafil, gefitinib tablets, and minodronic acid tablets. In the national drug procurement, Tasly’s products such as temozolomide for injection and memantine hydrochloride sustained-release capsules won the bid. Puyouke, a new biological Class 1 drug approved in 2011, is also the only original recombinant human urokinase product on the market in China so far.

Under the leadership of Yan Kaijing, the new chairman of the board of directors of Tasly Holding Group, Tasly has accelerated its innovative research and development layout of modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine, and chemical medicine, and formed the “four-level” system of independent research and development, cooperative research and development, product introduction, and investment market priority licensing rights. The “one-in-one” R&D model integrates global cutting-edge technologies, lays out leading targets, and efficiently transforms them into product cluster combinations. In 2018, Tasly began to deploy regenerative medicine and create an international industry platform for cell therapy; in 2021, Tasly introduced cutting-edge technologies such as high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation to promote its application in the treatment of prostate diseases, tumors and other fields. At the same time, Tasly has built a 4D integrated solution focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

Nowadays, whether it is the occupation of forward-looking cutting-edge technologies, the “four-in-one” R&D model, the full momentum of “three arrows” of modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological drugs, and chemical drugs, or the reserves of nearly a hundred R&D pipelines and more The in-depth international layout makes it difficult for Tasly to be defined as a “traditional Chinese medicine company” today.

At this point, Tasly has become one of the few modern pharmaceutical companies in China that is the first to explore genetic technology, artificial intelligence, and biomedical big data. While modern traditional Chinese medicine, biological medicine, and chemical medicine are developing collaboratively, the company has launched a digital and cutting-edge life science technology-driven A new journey for the “dual ecology” pattern.

As Yan Kaijing said, Tasly is “striving to realize the corporate vision of ‘co-construction, symbiosis, and building a global health value ecosystem’, and become a respected global, digital, and diversified business model enterprise.”

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