ACWY meningococcal vaccine. Do you need a recall?

ACWY meningococcal vaccine.  Do you need a recall?


I am 45 years old and I received the ACWY meningococcal vaccine 7 years ago. Do I have to do a recall?

Dear Reader,

The anti-meningococcal vaccine that you mention is a so-called quadrivalent vaccine because it protects against strains A, C, W135, Y of the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis. The booster is appropriate 5 years after the previous inoculation. The protection given by the first administration tends to decrease over time. This is certainly a recommended option to continue to prevent bacterial meningitis caused by meningococcus, a rarer form than viral ones, but which can have much more serious consequences.

The ACWY anti-meningococcal vaccination is foreseen in the national vaccination prevention plan 2023-2025 starting from the second year of life with a booster shot for adolescents from the 12th year of age. The quadrivalent ACWY vaccine can also be used as a booster for antimeningococcal C, with the advantage of broadening coverage to the other 3 strains.

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* Alessandro Bartoloni is Full Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Florence.


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