A selfie of your socks to talk about Down syndrome

A selfie of your socks to talk about Down syndrome


It affects approximately one in four hundred pregnancies. Down syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly that affects 27,000 newborns each year. To raise public awareness, a challenge exists, that of mismatched socks to promote diversity and difference. Accessible to everyone, the challenge allows for inclusive mobilization. Céline Pannier, childminder in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), which has been welcoming a child with Down syndrome for eight years, goes a little further by collecting the selfie of your feet. “It’s a challenge that is close to my heart because Timothée brings me a lot on a daily basis, he’s a ray of sunshine, he’s a big favorite between us. »

5,126 photos collected in 2023

Each year, the challenge grows. The first year, only friends and family members played the game, i.e. around twenty photos. In 2022, the number reached 3,315 photos, and the record was shattered in 2023, with 5,126 photos. “We see a certain diversity in the socks,” laughs the nanny. There are some very funny ones. At the end, I edit it. » With social networks, his challenge has spread. His photos even come “from abroad, from Africa or Canada. That’s the objective, it gets people talking about this disability, because people are still afraid of it.”

A challenge without constraint, and for fun, like the relationship between the nanny and this nine-year-old boy. Timothée still spends a few Wednesdays a month with Céline. One of their rituals is taking “funny” photos, especially of their socks. “As soon as I tell him, you come, we’ll take a photo, he jumps on my lap, it amuses us,” assures Céline Pannier. It’s also up to you to succumb to this wonderful habit, by sending your mismatched feet to the email [email protected]. You have until March 21, 11:59 p.m. to send your photos.


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