a schoolboy dies, suffering from illness after being vaccinated

a schoolboy dies, suffering from illness after being vaccinated

An investigation was opened after the death of a schoolboy who felt unwell then fell after being vaccinated against papillomavirusannounced this Monday the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Pays de la Loire, which excludes any link between the vaccine and the malaise.

The teenager, a 5th grade student at Saint-Dominique college in Saint-Herblain near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), had suffered a “heavy fall” which had caused head trauma, following a malaise that occurred 15 minutes after the vaccination, specifies the ARS in a press release.

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An administrative investigation launched

“This type of discomfort can occur due to the stress caused by vaccination but is unrelated to the vaccine product or to a quality defect in the vaccine,” insists the ARS. The student was hospitalized at the Nantes University Hospital after his fall but his condition deteriorated in the days that followed and he “died on October 27”.

An administrative investigation was commissioned by the director general of the ARS “to establish the conditions for carrying out vaccination and its medical supervision in the establishment, as well as the conditions for the medical care of the child”, indicates the agency.

Following the schoolboy’s accident, the vaccination campaign was suspended in Loire-Atlantique on Friday October 20, the eve of the school holidays. It will resume at the start of the school year on November 6. As a reminder, the vaccination campaign for middle school students in 5th grade against papillomavirusesthe cause of many cancers such as cervical cancer, was launched at the beginning of October in France.

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