A relative of Didier Raoult relieved of his duties as head of department at the IHU in Marseille

A relative of Didier Raoult relieved of his duties as head of department at the IHU in Marseille


A relative of Didier Raoult at the IHU Méditerranée Infection of Marseille was dismissed from his position as head of department by the management of the AP-HM (Public Assistance-Hospitals of Marseille), a decision against which his lawyers announced on Wednesday that they were filing an appeal.

Professor Philippe Parolahead of the acute infectious diseases department, who was dismissed from his position, is notably the subject – with two other doctors from the former team of the controversial Professor Raoult, now retired – from a procedure initiated by the government before the disciplinary jurisdiction of university hospital staff (JDHU). They are accused of having co-signed with Professor Raoult a study describing undeclared clinical trials on patients with Covid.

Invoking this procedure, as well as several inspection reports on the functioning of the IHU and “recurring alerts on the internal functioning of the IHU”, the management of Marseille hospitals indicated that “the director general of the AP -HM and the president of the Establishment Medical Commission have decided to terminate the functions of head of department of Professor Philippe Parola.”

Another of the doctors targeted by the referral to the JDHU, Professor Matthieu Million, head of the IHU day hospitalization department, “has been confirmed in his functions”, specified the AP-HM, in ensuring that these decisions have “the sole objective of bringing together the conditions for a return to excellence by the IHU of Marseille”.

The person concerned denounces “harassment”

Professor Parola immediately announced on

Éric Lanzarone, one of the doctor’s lawyers, specified that a first action had been initiated with the sending of a preliminary compensation claim to the AP-HM. This procedure is not aimed at making a decision on the merits, he clarified. In the event of refusal or non-response to this complaint within two months, equivalent to a refusal, Éric Lanzarone indicated that he would then refer the matter to the administrative court.

Furthermore, a complaint for “harassment” is also being prepared by another of Professor Parola’s counsel, declared Eric Lanzarone.

Widely discredited by his peers, for his controversial treatment of Covid-19 patients via dual therapy combining hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and for his comments on vaccination, Professor Raoult was retired from his position as a university professor-practitioner. hospital at the end of August 2021 and was replaced at the head of the Marseille institute on September 1, 2022.


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