a nurse dedicated to welcoming patients and family members – WWN

a nurse dedicated to welcoming patients and family members – WWN

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a figure established in some hospitals; helps reduce relatives’ anxiety and sense of frustration, intercept any fragility and, according to a study, reduces episodes of physical and verbal aggression against healthcare workers

Less anxiety and frustration for patients and families e decrease in episodes of physical and verbal aggression against healthcare workers. the effect of the introduction of caring nurseL’nurse exclusively dedicated to reception, communication and relationships with users and companions waiting inside Emergency room. A figure who take care of the wait and humanizes a place that is often a source of high tension, and which has already been used in three public hospitals in Milan: Niguarda (since May), San Carlo and San Paolo (since July).


Its task first and foremost is to guarantee the relative in the waiting room a constant update on the clinical path of their loved onewithout communicating the diagnosis, since it does not replace the conversation with the doctor, but reports the patient’s health conditionsif he is out of danger, if he is in pain, if he has regained consciousness if he has entered a state of confusion due to trauma, which laboratory and instrumental tests he has already done and will have to do, if he has been examined, if he needs to be operated on, if he is waiting for specialist advice, if he has started therapy, if he has eaten and gotten up. And if the family member has to rush to work or home to their children, they will be kept informed via telephone, explains Laura Zoppini, director of the Health and Social Health Professions of the Niguarda hospital.

After triage

The caring nurse a disposition of the same patient, immediately after triage (the entrance assessment). The reassures along the entire journey, clarifies doubtsexplains why he must spend time under observation, which it doesn’t mean they forgot about him, but that the effect of the drugs and the progress of the symptoms must be monitored. It helps him if he needs to notify his spouse, child or employer, if he needs a change of clothes or if he needs to recharge his cell phone, continues Zoppini. Two other functions of the caring nurse I am: Intercept fragile situations, such as the lonely elderly person, the raped woman, the foreigner who does not speak Italian, and inform the family nurse who will take care of him in the area or the ward in case of hospitalization of the patient’s state of health. AtNiguarda hospital the caring nurse present 7 days a week, from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening, in a dark blue uniform. a professional nurse, with experience in emergency room,
selected for empathic and communication skills, who knows the dynamics and times of the emergency and urgency service. By virtue of his expertise, he is a reliable and authoritative communicator for patients and caregivers.

The caring nurse also reduces aggression

The accompaniment experiences through volunteerswho have to disturb the staff at work every time to get information, they did not prove to be as effective continues Zoppini. As it is the role of the totem is reductive, which traces the path taken by the patient identified with a code, because he cannot manage the worry and disorientation of those who do not know what is happening beyond the waiting room and who, due to the lack of information, could react with anger and mistrust towards the health workers . The Niguarda hospital carried out asatisfaction survey and the results of the caring nurse in the emergency room after the first three months of activity, which showed that in over 9 cases out of 10 (94%) both patients and family members had reduced their level of anxiety and worry while waiting; almost all users (97%) perceived that they had been correctly informed regarding the current situation; reports to the Office for Public Relations (URP) have more than halved (minus 60%); the physical and verbal attacks against healthcare personnel have decreasedgoing from 14 between May and July 2022 to 9 in the same period of 2023 (i.e. 36% less).

Figure tested during the pandemic

In the San Carlo and San Paolo hospitals the figure, here in beige uniform, had already been successfully tested during the pandemic emergency both in the emergency room and in the Covid departments, reports Barbara Pinna, director of the health and socio-health professions of the company of which the two principals are part of it. Inside the emergency room – Pinna informs – one was also inaugurated Cup counter 24 hours a day which allows the immediate booking of visits and follow-up tests or to complete the diagnostic process after discharge.

Primary nurse

It is also spreading in Italy primary nursinga reference nurse for the patient, responsible for your care plan from admission to discharge. Alberto Dal Molin, director of the specialization course in primary nursing trainers at the University of Eastern Piedmont, explains: Every day he informs relatives about the conditions of their loved one, and is a point of reference for the patient. He explains the treatment path to him, educates him on how to take the therapy, interfaces with other professionals to facilitate taking charge and upon discharge, after an assessment of his degree of self-sufficiency, establishes whether he needs home care or transfer to another facility. Our study revealed that falls, urinary infections and urinary infections were reduced during hospitalization phlebitis and the sores from decubitusand increased satisfaction with nursing care.

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