a demonstration to oppose the threat of closure of the nursing home

a demonstration to oppose the threat of closure of the nursing home


“It was a shock! » Brigitte Burtin does not mince her words. On February 16, she learned, like all the families of residents of the Foissiat retirement home, the mayor’s fear of a possible closure of the structuredue to an unfavorable opinion on hosting a security commission from November 2022.

“The problem is that we learned about the problems from a press article,” says the creator of the collective opposing the closure.

Around thirty families within the collective

Even if there were, according to her, some warning signs of this announcement. “With other members, we attended the mayor’s wishes. He had a little sentence that struck a chord with some of us. Something like “I care about the future of the nursing home”. But we didn’t get any more than that.” A few weeks later, the ax of a potential closure fell. Since then, the children and relatives of the residents of the structure have mobilized. “There are around thirty families who have joined the collective. »

A rally in front of the premises this Saturday

And he is heard: “Above all, we want to be informed. We who are directly concerned learned about things from the press. What about the rest of the population? », asks the creator of the movement.

After distributing flyers, and meeting residents to tell them about the situation, the collective moves up a gear. This Saturday, a demonstration is being organized in front of the premises of the retirement home. Another will be Saturday March 9. After the meeting with the mayor, around ten days ago, this is one more step.

“Are we going to separate them?” »

The little information sent to the members of the collective makes them wonder: “What will happen if the retirement home closes? Are we going to separate the residents? It would be dramatic,” says David, one of them. A shared fear: “The Foissiat nursing home allows proximity. When we leave for work in the morning or go to get bread, we can stop for half an hour to see our loved ones, says Brigitte Burtin. If they are too far away, what do we do? » For the Foissiatis in any case, the subject is important. “It’s a united community and things are heating up there.” The 32 residents, including two centenarians, still waiting to know more. Like their loved ones.

Demonstration in front of the Blés d’or retirement home, Saturday March 2 from 10 a.m.


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