75 hours of video games to raise funds for Doctors of the World

75 hours of video games to raise funds for Doctors of the World


A practice relatively little known to the general public, speedrun is about finishing a video game as quickly as possible. Here, the important thing is not to eliminate each enemy or collect all the coins, but to trace a straight line through the levels, optimizing actions, or using game bugs.

Tickets sold in less than 24 hours

These performances have met with great success in the world of gaming, and in particular via the Twitch streaming platform, allowing players to broadcast their “runs” live.

Since 2020, the Médecins du monde association has been working with a community of players to organize a speedrun marathon to raise funds thanks to donations from spectators. After three Parisian editions, this fourth meeting takes place in Lyon, from this Thursday, February 29 to Sunday, March 3.

Bringing together a multitude of gamers for three days, renowned players will take turns playing games for 75 consecutive hours. Many guests were invited to the party such as ZeratoR, Hugo Délire, Damdamlive, Gom4art, Antoine Daniel, Shisheyu, Gom4art, Chachamaxx, RealMyop.

The games will be broadcast live on Twitch via the streamer MisterMV’s channel.

The replays of speedruns will also be added to the official YouTube channel of the event.

1.2 million euros collected in 2023

2,000 spectators are expected, with all tickets having sold out in less than 24 hours after going on sale on January 18.

Donors will be able to send their participation directly via a link provided by the organization. Note that the 2023 edition raised €1,250,000 for Médecins du monde.


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