【Doctors talk freely.Guan Xin Collection]Job-hopping Notes

【Doctors talk freely.Guan Xin Collection]Job-hopping Notes


If your job is going well, do you still need to change jobs?Looking back, I have been working in the hospital where I am currently working for more than 20 years.

Year, so far, I have dedicated the most glorious time of my working life to this hospital. Here, I practice my medical skills while serving patients. It can be said that my whole body and mind are devoted to my work.

Have I ever thought about dancing? The answer is: Yes, more than once!

The biggest pull is money

When I first wanted to change jobs many years ago, the hospital administration wanted to change doctors’ contracts, which made most doctors dissatisfied. After many negotiations, neither party was willing to give in. A private hospital heard the news and invited more than a dozen “big-name” specialists from our hospital to have dinner together to discuss plans to make a career change: “We will never treat our own doctors like this. Your administrators are really selfish.” Got it!”

One of our doctors revealed the news to the CEO of his hospital: “If you insist on changing the contract, more than 10 doctors will leave at the same time, and the hospital will suffer heavy losses!”

The CEO was shocked and immediately restored the original contract. The hopping incident was over and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. After all, it’s better to be experienced than to be a professional. If you transfer to a hospital, it is just a change of work location, and the quality of the work will not change significantly. After a few years of calm, another incident occurred. The hospital contract is no longer a problem, but a colleague who is close to me wants to change work location. The condition for getting the transfer is that I must change jobs with another specialist. So, the senior management and senior doctors of that private hospital invited us to have dinner together. I didn’t want to go to the appointment, but I couldn’t resist my colleagues’ request and reluctantly attended the dinner.The other doctor and I knew each other, and one of them was a former colleague.

generation. That night we talked and laughed, and gradually got to the main topic.The seniors said to me: “Join us and your income will increase. We

It has a very stable leadership and a very open-minded administrative approach. He continued: “Your home is very close to our hospital. We can build an overpass to your home so that you can walk to work safely in the future.” “Everyone laughed after hearing this.

I did not agree immediately, but went to Taiping to consult Master Jicheng. I gave a bunch of reasons for changing jobs, but the Zen master only responded with one sentence: “If it’s for money, then go for it!”

I figured it out and said with a wry smile: “Master said so, how can I dare to change jobs?”

The first incident of job-hopping happened because there was an element that pushed me away: an unequal contract. The contract issue was resolved and there was no longer any incentive to push me away. The second time there was an element of pulling me over, no matter how many reasons I came up with, the biggest pull was money. Let’s analyze it more carefully: I already have enough food and clothing, how much extra money do I need? Seeing this clearly, this element is no longer relevant.

Recruiting multiple doctors to invest

Then a third incident occurred. This time a well-known specialist wanted to build a new hospital, so he recruited many doctors to invest together. He first invited me to dinner through a close friend who was interested in a joint venture, and then discussed the details with me in detail. He hinted to me the identity of his partners, and then said to me: “They are all leaders in their fields. With everyone’s help, once the hospital opens, patients will come in an endless stream. I plan to make the cardiology department the center of the new hospital.” One of the main players, so please join us and you can apply for up to 8% of the shares.”

The idea of ​​building a new hospital is indeed very imaginative. Why do you want to participate in the stock market? Is it to become the founder of the hospital, or is it to gain profits from selling shares in the future? The nature of the work in the new hospital is the same as the current position! If it is for a title, it is illusory. How many people will remember it after retirement in the future? If it’s for profit, it’s not just the same purpose as Master Jicheng said, “If it’s for money.” Two days later, I called my best friend and said, “Please decline this senior’s invitation on my behalf.”

Back to the original question, if your job is going well, should you change jobs? If the pull and push factors are not strong and the nature of the work is similar, then there is no need!

So, who else wants to win me over?

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Chen Changci)


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