【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears】Weapons and Musical Instruments

【Doctors talk freely.Between the Ears】Weapons and Musical Instruments


Every Christmas I take a few days off to balance work and family life. So, I usually spend some leisure time traveling with my family. This has become a “year-round event” in my family, and everyone looks forward to this time together at the end of the year.

Fires of war, big and small, are still raging

Just like in previous years, at the end of last year our family went to Tainan, Taiwan for a week trip carefully planned by an insider. During this trip, we visited the Chimei Museum, a famous tourist attraction in Tainan.

This magnificent museum has several themed exhibition halls. After visiting two theme exhibition halls in succession, I suddenly felt a little emotional; the cultural relics displayed in the first exhibition hall were about the history of the development of human beings and weapons, from simple Stone Age weapons in the primitive era to modern high-tech firearms and weapons. , there are so many and so many things, we are dizzying.

As I watched, I was sighing, how many innocent people have been killed by these ruthless weapons from ancient times to the present. These weapons have evolved to be more lethal due to human ambition and greed!

Last year I watched the movie “Oppenheimer”, which tells the story of how scientists developed the powerful atomic bomb to end World War II. It is such a helpless and cruel thing to end a war with such a powerful bomb and sacrifice so many innocent lives.

However, the atomic bomb did not solve the warlike nature of mankind once and for all.

Throughout the world today, wars, large and small, are still raging. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, wars in the Middle East, wars between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas organization, continuous wars in several African countries, and civil war in Myanmar. I can’t help but feel sad when I think of how many people were killed by weapons developed by humans during the war.

I shudder even more when I think that several of the world’s most powerful military powers continue to blindly develop nuclear weapons, which could push the entire human race into the abyss of self-destruction at any time.

After walking out of the first exhibition hall with a heavy heart, I walked into the second exhibition room that displayed the history of the development of human musical instruments. I saw how humans from all over the world developed various musical instruments with their own rich cultural heritage. , to pursue the perfect musical interpretation, my mood gradually became calm and happy.

Although the instruments on display did not make any sound, they had been swaying in my heart for three days, which resonated with my thoughts. I naturally think back to my fond memories of listening to the instrument.

A very unique experience

Last year, I listened to a Chinese music performance at Penang Huatang, a jazz concert at E&O Hotel, and when traveling in Kobe, Japan, I went to Jazz & Live Restaurant Sone Jazz Bar to listen to a live version of the improvisation (that was after reading Haruki Murakami) I went to that restaurant specifically after reading the novel). These beautiful notes dancing in my mind made me feel relaxed and happy instantly.

It was a very unique experience to visit these two exhibition halls consecutively. Visiting the weapons exhibition reminded me of the ruthless war, while the musical instrument exhibition reminded me of beautiful music.

If humans only develop musical instruments that make the soul beautiful, instead of weapons that kill each other, I believe the world will become a better place!

(Guangming Daily/Doctor Column‧Author: Wu Rongliang)


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